Success Story: Jemkon is expanding business multifold through Digital Advertising

Jemkon, one of India’s leading manufacturers of epoxy and water flooring, serves more than 500 companies. With an in-house application team and latest equipment, it assures its clients durable and cost effective flooring solutions. “We [...]

Success Story : Sanjeevani Ambulance, working to save lives today… and everyday!

Sanjeevani Ambulance, a Mumbai-based personal ambulance service saves numerous lives daily. The ambulances are equipped with ventilator, defibrillator, oxygen cylinder and other life-saving equipments to handle the most complex emergencies. Without fail, they make sure that [...]

Take Google Shopping to the Next Level : Power of Image Optimization in eCommerce

As Online Advertising Dollars in the Retail & eCommerce Vertical move towards more visually driven publishers like Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, Pinterest, etc; Images & Visuals play a significant role in driving the economics for [...]

Google removing RHS Ads – Top 9 Questions Answered by Experts

  As the SEM world resonated cries of the doomsday for paid marketers, when Google removed RHS ads completely, there have been countless predictions of how this change will affect the search ecospace. Some are [...]

Your eCommerce Store’s Golden Ticket : The Power of In site Search Visitors & Targeting Strategies

In the last few years, eCommerce websites have used a barrage of marketing strategies on paid and organic fronts to capture more visitors to their website. Be it top of the funnel awareness visitors to [...]

4 Ecommerce Remarketing Strategies to Optimize ROI based on Shopping Cart Audience Clusters

In this highly competitive Ecommerce space, there is a very high cost of acquiring new audience using ppc channels. With the client's majority investments targeted towards getting more new customers to the website, customer retention [...]

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