Current E-Commerce Advertising Trends You Should Adopt!

Every year there are new trends that are set in the field of online advertising, and it is important for e-commerce businesses to identify and adopt these trends to reach out to a bigger audience. [...]

The Inside Story: Celebrating Pipa Bella

The Founder-CEO of Pipa Bella, Ms. Shuchi Pandya speaks of realising her entrepreneurial dream! About the customer: Pipa Bella is one of the fastest-growing E-Commerce players specialising in trendy jewellery. The company started its operations [...]

AARRR Metrics: Customer Growth Strategy for Startups

As a startup founder or growth marketer, you often obsess over metrics: What is my lead-generation rate? How many customers did I win or lose? How is my monthly revenue growing? Or how many customer referrals [...]

Current Trends you need to know about the Indian E-Commerce Industry

Hello there! Before we dive into the contents of the new blog, we would like to thank our readers for an overwhelming response to our take on Mary Meeker’s report. Exciting things happening at Sokrati [...]

Mary Meeker’s Treasure and our 2 cents!

The 22nd Edition of Mary Meeker's exhaustive and deeply educative learnings on all-things-Internet was released last week awaiting much anticipation. Steeped in the latest, most relevant statistics, it brings the digital world across the globe [...]

5 blogs not to miss if you run Google Shopping Ads (Product Listing Ads)

Take Google Shopping to the Next Level : Power of Image Optimization in eCommerce The first thing that a potential buyer looks at when your product ad shows up is the product image. Hence, image [...]

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