“Every contact we have with a customer influences whether or not they’ll come back.”

Acquisition Marketing with Sokrati involves a judicious integration of marketing channels, bound with technology at its core

Acquisition with Social

Facebook Marketing Partners

Facebook Marketing Partners | Acquisition Marketing | Sokrati

What can we do for you as Facebook’s Marketing Partner

  • Access advanced industry insights
  • Whitelist for exclusive betas
  • Use latest features sooner than competitors
  • Access to innovative ad technology for custom solutions


Social Personas | Acquisition Marketing | Sokrati

Psychographic Persona Targeting
Our proprietary engine clubbed with dedicated Data Strategists use prior campaign learnings to save you a lot of marketing bucks, beyond Facebook’s Demographic and Interest-based Targeting tools.

A/B Testing over Regrets

A/B Testing | Social | Acquisition Marketing | Sokrati

We split potential reach into separate control groups, and serve different ads to test performance. This ascertains cohort affinity towards certain creatives, landing pages and ad messages. These experiments keep us at the top of the game.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads | Social | Acquisition Marketing | Sokrati

We ensure users are targeted only with the most relevant products, gathering intelligence on recent-most views, purchases, and add-to-cart drop-offs. We then cross-sell supplementary products, and bid depending on the level of intent.

Acquisition with Google

Automation at Scale

Google Automation | Google | Acquisition Marketing | Sokrati

Our system launches several campaigns at scale; letting you focus on your business strategy, and leaving the long haul to us.

Analytics & Engagement

Google Analytics Engine | Google | Acquisition Marketing | Sokrati

We go way beyond app installs and earn you engagement with real-time data on app events, and cross-channel attribution. Sokrati Smart Alert sends custom warnings to monitoring managers based on set event rules.

Product Suite

Google Product Suite | Google | Acquisition Marketing | Sokrati

Don’t Just Automate. Optimize.
It’s our job to make you the most ROI out of your ad spends. Bids are optimized per persona, geography, timing, device, and keyword theme.

Acquisition with Native

Improving Ad Experience

Ads Integration | Native | Acquisition Marketing

Our native ads blend into the users’ experience, and improve the user’s usual behaviour on that particular channel, as opposed to unmindful traditional banner ads.

Avoid Banner Blindness

The Risk of Banner Blindness | Native | Acquisition Marketing | Sokrati

Relevant targets and effective messaging are all futile when the banner placements are entirely ignored. We ensure this doesn’t happen with your ads.

Improved Conversion and Retention

Improved Conversion and Retention | Native | Acquisition Marketing| Sokrati

We mastermind stronger transaction and engagement rates by combining audience affinity targeting, contextual placements and our access to premium publishers.
Our partnerships with Taboola, Outbrain and Yahoo Native increase your reach far beyond GDN.

Acquisition with Programmatic

Is Programmatic For You?

Why use programamtic | Programmatic | Acquisition Marketing | Sokrati

We strongly recommend it. With Programmatic, we automate the process of media buying by targeting specific audiences and demographics, helping you to buy guaranteed ad impressions in advance from premium publisher sites.

Premium and Exclusive Inventory

Programmatic Inventory | Programmatic | Acquisition Marketing | Sokrati

Programmatic started off as a way of using up remnant inventory. Many advertisers continue to view the inventory available on Programmatic as ‘leftover’ while in reality programmatic also allows advertisers to buy guaranteed ad impressions in advance from premium publisher sites (Programmatic Direct)

Beyond Publishers

Target Audience | Programmatic | Acquisition Marketing | Sokrati

Sokrati goes beyond programmatic publishers and focuses on various facets of targeting – Audience – Prospecting, Behavioral, Remarketing

  • Bidding Strategy – Optimized for CPM, CPC, CPA
  • Creatives – Banner, video, HTML5, Native and DoubleClick Studio Templates