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Why Clicks and Sessions are not friends?

By |Tuesday, January 30, 2018|Blog, Google Advertising, Tips and Tricks|

As digital marketers, all of us have faced this situation a lot of times. Every time we discover something unique and we pat our back 🙂

So, I thought let’s jot down all the possible factors which are causing the problem in Clicks and Sessions relationship. I have tried to list all the situations that I have personally faced so far, I might have missed a few. Feel free to add your’s in the comment […]

Adwords new UI – A “Maggie” article

By |Thursday, January 18, 2018|Blog|

I am sure you would have read a couple of blogs so far claiming the fact that “top 10 reasons to use new UI”, “hidden gems in new UI”, “7 best features of new UI” and so on and considering the catchy subject line, you would have clicked on the link to read and jump-start using them.
Ok, So I’ll be honest! I have used the word “Maggie” in my headline to catch […]