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Editor for the Marketing team at Merkle-Sokrati. Aside of work, I am a marketing graduate from University of Leicester, UK. Exploring the world of Digital Marketing in Merkle-Sokrati from the repertoires of an inquisitive mind and the immensely talented people around me.

Scale up with Programmatic Media Buying | How we did it for Swiggy (official case study by Google)

By |Monday, May 14, 2018|Programmatic|

If you can’t figure out why you still don’t have sales, despite of investing in Google Adwords and other channels. Programmatic Media Buying is the solution.
This blog will help you understand the basics of Programmatic media buying. To elaborate the immense potential of this platform, an official case study of our work with Swiggy as printed by Google is presented too.

What is Programmatic Media Buying?

Historically, when an advertiser wanted to serve ads on a […]

How will Whatsapp Business fit in your Marketing Mix for the Indian Consumer?

By |Tuesday, March 6, 2018|Blog, Social Advertising, Whatsapp|

For most of us, WhatsApp is the most popular app on our phones. Over the years, it has added a lot of cool features – emojis, video calling, day-long statuses, etc., making it an irreplaceable and prime form of communication. In India itself, the app caught on like rapid fire, adding up to about 200 million active users as of Feb ‘17. WhatsApp found out that 80% of Indian SMEs already […]

3 Steps to start using Artificial Intelligence in your Marketing Efforts

By |Tuesday, February 6, 2018|Artificial Intelligence, Blog, Martech|

Let’s talk about Artificial Intelligence, the biggest buzz in the world right now. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an engineer to understand these concepts. This blog aims to clarify these big terms in simple words, in order to equip marketers with all the tools to conquer the digital marketing world (minus the technical overload).

So Let’s Break It Down – What is Artificial Intelligence?

Starting off with the term that gets thrown around a […]