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Watch Now: Programmatic Media Buying 2019 [Webinar]

By |Monday, February 11, 2019|Programmatic, Webinars|

Programmatic Advertising has recently become the buzz word in the world of Digital Marketing. As a channel, it offers numerous opportunities to tackle multiple business goals and has become an integral part of the media strategy for numerous brands. Join us in this webinar as we dissect and deep dive into the channel’s capabilities and explore how programmatic can fit into your marketing strategy.

Original Presentation Date

Dec 21, 2018



Building a Marketing Data Platform for Fox Star Studios

By |Monday, October 1, 2018|Martech|

Fox Star Studios along with Merkle Sokrati built a Marketing Data Platform that can envisage varied audience personas and capture the many facets of the audience’s purchase journey through a digital campaign.

The MDP ties in data from across digital platforms be that organic or inorganic and displays it on the dashboard on a day-on-day basis. “As the platform is fed more data from movie releases Fox Star Studios will be in a position to […]

7 Statistics that sum up the Indian Digital Ad Spends: DAN Report 2018

By |Wednesday, February 28, 2018|Blog, Insights|

7 Statistics on the Indian Digital Ad Industry in 2018

1. The Indian digital ad industry is estimated to grow with a CAGR of 32% to Rs 18,986 crore by 2020, Digital ad spends will touch almost 19,000 crores in three years which is almost same as the size of print ad industry today. It is expected to grow at 3X of industry average over this time to touch almost a quarter of ad […]