Building Awareness and Growth for BFSI Business Houses

The need for strong financial solutions is finally at a stage where consumers research heavily before choosing their preferred partners, and traditional methods, rates and word-of-mouth don’t cut it.

With a higher ticket-size and increasing competition, the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industry are making themselves visible wherever their customers are, online and offline.



High Google Search CPC bids due to stiff competition resulting in inflated acquisition costs

Long decision making funnel

Long customer acquisition cycles associated with financial decision making resulting in increased dropoffs at multiple stages

Weak top funnel

Focusing only on the high intent stages for lead acquisition resulting in a weak top of the funnel, less awareness

Lead Generation

Many potential leads drop-off due to lack of readily available KYC documents like PAN

The Sokrati Way

Search bids may remain expensive due to high demand, but at Sokrati we bring structure, efficiency and value to our customers by combining campaigns with demographic targeting. We like to call this Performance Branding – a synchronized exercise increasing brand awareness and driving performance.


Demographic Based


Targeting Customers at
the micro moments

Lead cost separately for
each stage


Marketing Technologies Used

Lead Nurturing
Content Marketing