Building a Marketing Data Platform for Fox Star Studios

Fox Star Studios along with Merkle Sokrati built a Marketing Data Platform that can envisage varied audience personas and capture the many facets of the audience's purchase journey through a digital campaign. The MDP ties [...]

Person before Personalization: Understanding your audiences with People Based Marketing

The Analogy The relationship between sellers and buyers is not very different than human relationships towards one another. All of them expect to be understood by the rest, seek attention by the rest, demand appropriate acknowledgment and [...]

Latest marketing updates on Amazon Advertising in 2019!

“I solemnly swear that I am not just keywords, but so much more now!”, says Amazon Ads. Since the advent of Amazon Advertising, Amazon has been providing automatic and manual targeting for sponsored product ads. [...]

Here’s what you need to know about the ‘New-To-Brand’ Metric by Amazon Advertising

Amazon now empowers its advertisers with a new analytics measurement technique: New To Brand. "New-to-brand" metrics determine whether an ad-attributed purchase was made by an existing customer or one buying a brand’s product on Amazon [...]

Stop meeting your customers for the first time, every time!

The largest areas of opportunity for people-based marketing come from the ability to talk to individuals as if you know who they are and what value you can provide to them. In October 2017, Forbes [...]

3 Golden Rules for Evolving your Communication Strategy in 2019

Rule 1: Provide your customers with the best level of comfort "The industry demands marketers to have an increased share of personalization in their communication."   The first piece of evolving your communication strategy is [...]

Watch Now: Programmatic Media Buying 2019 [Webinar]

Programmatic Advertising has recently become the buzz word in the world of Digital Marketing. As a channel, it offers numerous opportunities to tackle multiple business goals and has become an integral part of the media [...]

8 Amazon Listing optimisation techniques that every marketer should know!

Mastering the optimisation strategies can really sleek one’s game at advertising on amazon. For years, Google has captured the attention of marketers as the prime avenue for generating search-driven online sales through advertising. That focus [...]

Scale up with Programmatic Media Buying | How we did it for Swiggy (official case study by Google)

If you can’t figure out why you still don’t have sales, despite of investing in Google Adwords and other channels. Programmatic Media Buying is the solution. This blog will help you understand the basics of [...]

We are Certified Snapchat Gold Partners!

We’ve got some Snaptastic News! Merkle Sokrati is proud to announce that we’re now Certified Snapchat Gold Partners! Jumping at the chance to explore a brand new channel, in a short span of 5 months, the [...]

How will Whatsapp Business fit in your Marketing Mix for the Indian Consumer?

For most of us, WhatsApp is the most popular app on our phones. Over the years, it has added a lot of cool features – emojis, video calling, day-long statuses, etc., making it an irreplaceable [...]

7 Statistics that sum up the Indian Digital Ad Spends: DAN Report 2018

7 Statistics on the Indian Digital Ad Industry in 2018 1. The Indian digital ad industry is estimated to grow with a CAGR of 32% to Rs 18,986 crore by 2020, Digital ad [...]

7 AI Trends Every Marketer Should Know in 2018

When it comes to marketing and advertising, a lot of brands are leveraging the data about their users but to a person without a technical background, it becomes a little difficult understanding artificial intelligence, implementing [...]

What is GCLID & why you should care about it?

Image Sources: Google, Adwords UI Meet Joey, who is a digital marketer. Joey is worried because he is not able to track conversions perfectly in Adwords. Few of his clients are having issues in placing pixels [...]

How to measure the impact of Online marketing on your Offline stores

Image Sources: Google, ThinkwithGoogle Before going into details about the impact of online marketing on our offline store let's meet Tim, he has a lot of stores in many places and has been doing good business [...]

3 Steps to start using Artificial Intelligence in your Marketing Efforts

Let’s talk about Artificial Intelligence, the biggest buzz in the world right now. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an engineer to understand these concepts. This blog aims to clarify these big terms in [...]

Why Clicks and Sessions are not friends?

As digital marketers, all of us have faced this situation a lot of times. Every time we discover something unique and we pat our back 🙂 So, I thought let's jot down all the possible [...]

MediaPost names Merkle Search Agency of the Year

MediaPost, an integrated publishing and conference company covering topics including media, marketing, and advertising has named Merkle as the Search Agency of the Year. "At Merkle, success comes from a focus on data, relevance, technical efficiencies and [...]

How we aced Dynamic Creatives with a Weather API for Lead Generation

Dynamic creatives are customizable ads that act as a template (or a frame), that can be used to change a part of the creative based on the targeting. For instance, with a dynamic creative, you [...]

Hotstar versus Netflix – OTT Wars in India

Recently while investigating the user behavior of Over-The-Top (OTT) Entertainment services, I came across some data which launched me and a lot of other Sokratians into a debate - Why is Hotstar mobile heavy (76% [...]

Adwords new UI – A “Maggie” article

I am sure you would have read a couple of blogs so far claiming the fact that “top 10 reasons to use new UI”, “hidden gems in new UI”, “7 best features of new UI” [...]

Learn about the brand new Amazon Marketing Services in India

Amazon is the #1 e-commerce platform in India and with 1.5 Billion monthly product searches, it is the preferred destination for Indian shoppers to do their product research. In addition, 65% of the users searching [...]

In The Driver’s Seat

Have covered in my earlier blog post that employees and customers are the most important pillars of any company. Let’s now discuss the next critical pillar for a company and how we could use this [...]

Sokrati Wins Google Premier Partner Award for Shopping Innovation!

Sokrati, a leader in exceptional digital performance marketing automation and optimisation, is the winner of the Shopping Innovation Award at Google Premier Partner Awards 2017, India. The Premier Partner Awards program, which launched globally this [...]

Sokrati Joins Hands with Dentsu Aegis Network & Launches Merkle in India

When we started Sokrati in 2009 little did we know how long we will last, how far we will go and how much of an impact we will have in the Indian advertising space. We [...]

7 Pro Tips to Improve Your AdWords Landing Page Experience

Landing page is the fundamental part of most marketing campaigns today. Their role in the Quality Score given by Google AdWords is an evidence of the same. We had always been wanting to change “below [...]

CSS Horizontal and Vertical Centering

We’ve all seen margin: 0 auto; for horizontal centering, but margin: auto; has refused to work for vertical centering… until now! But there are certain ways by which you can achieve it without any fuss! [...]

CSS Advanced Selectors

These days, if you assign IDs to elements only so you can style them, you are probably doing it wrong. CSS 2.1 and CSS 3 introduced a number of powerful selectors that can make your [...]

CSS Counters

Using counters To use a CSS counter, it must first be reset to a value (0 by default). To add the value of a counter to an element, use the counter() function. The following CSS [...]

Intent vs. Impulse: The Major Driving Forces of Customer Behaviour

Intent and Impulse are perhaps the two major driving forces when it comes to customer behaviour in an eCommerce environment. Understanding and capitalizing on both of these behaviours is significant to persuade and eventually sell [...]

Gmail Sponsored Promotions: How to Run a Successful GSP Campaign

The digital ecosystem is growing rapidly. Demonetization has definitely acted as a catalyst to bolster this growth, while internet connectivity still poses a challenge to all the digital marketers. As the digital penetration into various [...]

Recipe for Powerful YouTube Performance Marketing

YouTube has over a billion users — almost one-third of all people on the Internet. A platform which garners more than 30 million visitors per day. 5 billion videos are watched everyday and on an [...]

My Learning Through Helping Companies to Scale Up

Many of you have also taken the path of joining a growth-phase company and been through its roller-coaster ride, and learnt (not to leave the path, hopefully!). Much of the learning might be contextual and [...]

The Dynamic World of Search Ads – Errors & Pitfalls To Avoid on DSA and DKI

Search ads are almost always the first ads to go live for any account. No other channel serves users with intent higher than search, which is why the internet is abundantly populated with literature about [...]

Why You Should Not Ignore Bing Product Ads

If you run an internet company, you are continuously working towards optimising your Cost of Acquisition (CAC). Obviously, you employ multitude of complex math and logic to do this. Unfortunately, under this messy garb, sometimes [...]

Customer Churn Fixes for SaaS 101

One of the most painful aspects of a SaaS product is the fast churn of its customer base. Customers tend to onboard easily, fail to adopt the product long enough to engage, and end the [...]

5 Amazingly Productive E-Commerce Purchase Funnel Boosters

The E-Commerce industry across the globe is at an ever-competitive, crackling space. The fact that all the 3 giants in the domain (Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart) are operating at an annual cash burn of more [...]

How Cash on Delivery Fuelled E-Commerce Growth in India

Remember the emergence of E-Commerce blossoming in India, and the early nervousness of making payments online? Even though there has been a significant rise in online payments over the last few years since, Cash on [...]

What in Facebook Ads Appeals to the Affluent Indian Audience?

Facebook claims that it can advertise to about 4 million affluent Indians. If you are a Facebook marketer, at some point, you have surely tried to target the Affluent Indians, online. Be it through selecting [...]

5 Ways to Drive ROI with Customer Success

Customer Success is transformative and has gained significant importance over time, which is clearly evident when one looks at the Google Trends graph below. Great companies are focusing on mastering the ‘software’ part of Software [...]

Sokrati Badged as Facebook’s Ad-Tech Partner in India!

Pune, India, December 2016: Sokrati announces becoming badged Facebook Marketing Partners in the Ad Tech category in India!  This is a leap for a digital agency in India, with technology built entirely in India. It's [...]

The Inside Story: Ada Chikan Revives the Lost Art of Indian Chikankari Designs

The Founder-CEO of Ada Chikan, Rhea Punjabi, speaks of her journey! About the customer: Ada Chikan conceptualized art of chikankari on a different, albeit traditional platform. Till the time Ada ventured into a designer wear [...]

The WOW Factor in Customer Experience!

A personalised, engaging customer experience is very critical to the success of any marketing initiative today. When apps have taken over websites, and machines have taken over human habits, the only way we can individualise [...]

Sokrati Named to the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 List for the 4th Consecutive Year!

Sokrati Ranked as the 12th Fastest Growing Technology Company on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ Asia Pacific 2016. Attributing its 337% Percent Revenue Growth to E-Commerce and BFSI expansion in the past year. Pune, India, [...]

[Infographic] Current Trends in the Indian Apparel Industry

Festive season is just around the corner and Google has taken this opportunity to dive-deep into the most popular advertiser verticals to find out the latest emerging trends around the top 10 E-Commerce verticals in [...]

Industry Report: Google Shopping Trends in India

In 2012, Google introduced a new type of search ad - a more visual and appealing, and one that would dominate search advertising across the globe in the years to come. Google Shopping Ads, previously [...]

10 Best Practices for Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

'People don’t go to Facebook to make decisions, but to avoid making them!' True, right? However, with the new ad format introduced by Facebook – Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), advertisers can now capture the users [...]

Most Recommended Branding Activities on Facebook

I am sure you must have heard the famous saying - 'Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not around'. I think that one statement pretty much sums the answer [...]

10 Quick Tips to Conquer Social Media Advertising This Festive Season!

It’s time for all business owners to acknowledge the truth; social media advertising is here to stay – and it's getting bigger and better every day. With super accurate targeting, it’s even more useful than [...]

How to Use Micro-Moments to Rediscover Content

In order to unlock the untapped potential of your brand and enhance its footprint, it is highly suggested to venture into Content driven marketing. As per Google, Mobile traffic is surging with every passing day [...]

App Installs: Interstitial Ads vs. Banner Ads

Image Ads on the Display Network Image ads on mobile devices are similar to normal image ads that you'd see on a desktop computer. These ads on mobile devices can be used for promotions on [...]

Gatekeepers and their Role in Healthy Software Development

What is a gatekeeper: A gatekeeper is a person who controls access to something [...] individuals who decide whether a given message will be distributed by a mass medium. The act of gatekeeping, in context [...]

Code Reviews in an Agile, Fast-Paced Environment

This blog is part of a series that touches upon Sokrati's tech processes. Visit our engineering blog here to view more. Code Reviews are a tricky minefield to navigate. Many developers (especially those fresh out [...]

Amplify Mobile E-Commerce with Google AMP

First things first, let’s start by knowing what on earth Google AMP is! Well, The Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project is an open source initiative that embodies the vision that publishers can create mobile [...]

Google Rolls Out Campaign Groups and Performance Targets for AdWords

Google has always been the first choice for business, when it comes to digital marketing. It has been the best source to make your business reach out to the right set of audience within a [...]

Best Branding & Sustenance Practices on Social Channels

If audiences can’t easily distinguish you from your competitors then it’s time to step your game and start positioning your business to stand out on Facebook! Here we are with some branding musts that will make [...]

Stop Wasting Your Money on Google AdWords

“Google AdWords is an unnecessary, expensive tool and one should never even think about using Google AdWords for growing their business. What’s the point of spending so much  money, competing with 100 other brands, getting [...]

The Inside Story: Headphone Zone Goes the Extra Mile to Fulfill Every Audiophile’s Dream

The Founder-CEO of Headphone Zone, Mr. Raghav Somani speaks of realising his entrepreneurial dreams! About the customer: Headphone Zone, conceptualised by Raghav Somani in 2010, is India's first exclusive online store for headphones, earphones and [...]

How to Make the Most of Google’s Expanded Text Ads

Google's Expanded Text Ads have been at marketer's disposal for a few months now and the overall feedback has been quite positive. While we have already covered Google's Expanded Text Ads in our earlier blog [...]

Dynamic Remarketing (DRM) – A Must for E-Commerce

Do you know that more than 90% of the people return from an e-commerce without converting from their 1st visit? On an average more than 49% of the people take at least 2 website visits [...]

5 Best Practices For Brand Campaigns on AdWords – Are You Imbibing Them?

1. Super Structure Campaign Structure is the Backbone of any AdWords Account. Having the best Campaign structure helps you have a better control over its components. Imagine a human body with a dysfunctional backbone! The [...]

Current E-Commerce Advertising Trends You Should Adopt!

Every year there are new trends that are set in the field of online advertising, and it is important for e-commerce businesses to identify and adopt these trends to reach out to a bigger audience. [...]

The Inside Story: Celebrating Pipa Bella

The Founder-CEO of Pipa Bella, Ms. Shuchi Pandya speaks of realising her entrepreneurial dream! About the customer: Pipa Bella is one of the fastest-growing E-Commerce players specialising in trendy jewellery. The company started its operations [...]

AARRR Metrics: Customer Growth Strategy for Startups

As a startup founder or growth marketer, you often obsess over metrics: What is my lead-generation rate? How many customers did I win or lose? How is my monthly revenue growing? Or how many customer referrals [...]

Current Trends You Need to Know about the Indian E-Commerce Industry

Updates: [31/01/17] Our Q3 2016 industry report on Indian E-Commerce trends is now live! View the full report here. [25/10/16] Our Q2 2016 industry report on Google Shopping trends is now live! View the full [...]

Mary Meeker’s Treasure and our 2 cents!

The 22nd Edition of Mary Meeker's exhaustive and deeply educative learnings on all-things-Internet was released last week awaiting much anticipation. Steeped in the latest, most relevant statistics, it brings the digital world across the globe [...]

5 blogs not to miss if you run Google Shopping Ads (Product Listing Ads)

Take Google Shopping to the Next Level : Power of Image Optimization in eCommerce The first thing that a potential buyer looks at when your product ad shows up is the product image. Hence, image [...]

Digital Marketing on E-commerce platforms Demystified

The past decade has seen an internet boom in conjunction with the emergence of online retail, where the markets have been flooded with websites providing products from each corner of the world, for shoppers of [...]

Success Story : Remunance achieving 43% CPC drop with Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Remunance began their journey about 10 years back with a very different mission to help companies from abroad set up their operations in India. With an increasing demand for the payroll service they studied the [...]

Facebook Product Ads Simplified : A step by step guide to getting started

Facebook Product Ads is a form of dynamic advertising that allows marketers to showcase a variety of their products to a wide audience. With exciting features like multi-product advertising and audience clustering, this marketing sensation [...]

Google Shopping Ads 101: How to get started.

  Google Shopping Ads also known as Product Listing Ads offer online marketers and e-retailers an excellent platform to showcase their products, reach out to their audience and increase their brand’s visibility. What is Google [...]

Know how Zazen Spa is generating 3X return on Advertising Spend.

Born into a hotelier family and inspired by his frequent visits to Thailand, Darshan, keen to replicate the experience of Thai massages back home– started Zazen Spa in September 2011. Unique in design and concept, [...]

Google’s Expanded Text Ads: 5 Things You Should Know.

Google’s Adwords has been the platform of choice for business of all sizes looking to advertise on the internet. This advertising platform has evolved with time adding a few features, deleting some and providing more [...]

Success Story : Whizz Kidzs solving Success Equation!

10 years back, with an idea to make numbers and maths fun, Puja & Bimal Anand started Whizz Kidzs with 40 students in 1 center. Now, they have grown to more than 25 centers and [...]

Success Story: Jemkon is expanding business multifold through Digital Advertising

Jemkon, one of India’s leading manufacturers of epoxy and water flooring, serves more than 500 companies. With an in-house application team and latest equipment, it assures its clients durable and cost effective flooring solutions. “We [...]

Success Story : Sanjeevani Ambulance, working to save lives today… and everyday!

Sanjeevani Ambulance, a Mumbai-based personal ambulance service saves numerous lives daily. The ambulances are equipped with ventilator, defibrillator, oxygen cylinder and other life-saving equipments to handle the most complex emergencies. Without fail, they make sure that [...]

Take Google Shopping to the Next Level : Power of Image Optimization in eCommerce

As Online Advertising Dollars in the Retail & eCommerce Vertical move towards more visually driven publishers like Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, Pinterest, etc; Images & Visuals play a significant role in driving the economics for [...]

Google removing RHS Ads – Top 9 Questions Answered by Experts

  As the SEM world resonated cries of the doomsday for paid marketers, when Google removed RHS ads completely, there have been countless predictions of how this change will affect the search ecospace. Some are [...]

Your eCommerce Store’s Golden Ticket : The Power of In site Search Visitors & Targeting Strategies

In the last few years, eCommerce websites have used a barrage of marketing strategies on paid and organic fronts to capture more visitors to their website. Be it top of the funnel awareness visitors to [...]

4 E-Commerce Remarketing Strategies to Optimize ROI based on Shopping Cart Audience Clusters

In this highly competitive E-Commerce space, there is a very high cost of acquiring new audience using ppc channels. With the client's majority investments targeted towards getting more new customers to the website, customer retention [...]

Sokrati wins Google’s Premier SMB Partner (PSP) award for highest revenue growth

With more than 200% growth in revenue, Sokrati has shown highest revenue growth for the 3rd year in a row amongst Google partners in India making this a much deserved win. […]

Scaling Holiday Facebook Ad Campaigns to 3X Traffic & Conversions with Real Market Insights

Take the festive season, intense competition from deep pocket players and a business where sales cycles are long and people prefer to touch and feel the merchandise, and you have a challenge that rivals nothing short of scaling the Alps. This post highlights solutions to a similar challenge from one of India’s largest jewellery brands that set the goal of achieving 3X sales within just three days on Facebook Ads, during an auspicious Indian festival. […]

Google Adwords Customer Match with Ecommerce Client Data Insights & 6 Best Practices

What is Google Adwords Customer Match Feature & Why all the Fuzz? Google rolled out its Customer Match feature in late September 2015, a much awaited ad targeting method in response to Facebook which drove [...]

The Art of Customer Success

“If you think client obsession is too extreme for you, too bad. Because you’ll be beaten by the competitor who embraces it.” Irrespective of the product your company has, customer success plays a cardinal role [...]

Sokrati named to the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 list

Sokrati has been named as a Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award Winner – for the 4th time in a row! Sokrati has been creating radically innovative technology and changing the face of digital advertising in India since 2009. […]

First look at performance data from Instagram Ads

A big boost for one of the most popular media-sharing and social networking apps, Instagram opens paid advertising to the world. We are super excited to be one of the first folks in the country [...]

Sokrati drives success with Facebook’s beta 10-link carousel ads

Facebook’s new beta 10-link Carousel ads promise faster time to benefit at 25% less cost. With more creative real-estate the carousel ads promotes your business front and center driving more conversions. As a preferred Facebook [...]

Nurture your Emerging Products

With the likes of Google Analytics and Omniture at their disposal, e-commerce players let data drive what works best for their digital advertising campaigns. Click through rate (CTR), Cost per lead (CPL), Cost per click [...]

12 Levers You Must Experiment With On Facebook Exchange

Keen on targeting your website visitors on Facebook? Here are 12 levers that have worked really well for us at Sokrati to achieve better CTRs and conversion rates for our clients. 1. Ad Messaging:Does your [...]

Importance of Standardizing your Big-Data

Digital Marketing in India has grown phenomenally over the last 5 years as a direct result of growth in eCommerce. It is not just the big eComm players who have been at the forefront, the [...]

Best Practices: Facebook Ad Images

Get a good CTR and save big on your CPCs! When advertising on Facebook - 80% of your ads’ success depends on the attractiveness of your image. Getting the right image is a trick you'd [...]

Say Hello To Product Videos

Many marketers today wax eloquently about online video ads and how they help improve customer engagement. But for some of us - the Direct Response marketers ( the marketing geeks), online video ads always meant [...]

Speeding up the elephant : How Sokrati leverages Hadoop and Spark abstractions

It is often said that 70% of data science is about manipulating, cleaning and transforming data. Talk to any data scientist and the person will tell you that the 70% number is too optimistic. On [...]

5 Blogs which Online Stores should not miss this week !

To hustle between running an Online Store and learning new things to optimize its performance; might not be an easy task. There might be some things out there you just cannot afford to miss and [...]

Database Selection and Scaling

At Sokrati, we just love tech talks and discussions with like-minded folks, from startups and otherwise. We started a tradition of hosting technical talks every Wednesday evening and it has been going strong for a [...]

Make Your Products ‘POP!’ on Social Media and SERPs with Microdata

The biggest validation for your store is when a customer shares your products on social media. What they’re saying is: “Hey, I had a great experience buying from these guys. I want you guys to [...]

10 PPC Strategies that Boost Conversion, not just CTR

Apart from the long going debate on whether PPC is actually a good channel to spend; no matter what you sell the power of PPC just cannot be ignored. Whether you are into something as [...]

Digital Marketing for Manufacturers – All you need to know !

“By 2020, 60-70% of new car sales leads will be generated by a digital platform, says Frost & Sullivan, be it via websites, mobile sites, social media or apps.“ “In the first-ever analysis of the [...]

How To Start Marketing Your Online Store with PPC

You’ve got your online store up and running. You’ve got a great product. You’ve got a great website. All you need is for those first few sales to start rolling in. But somehow, despite all the [...]

Facebook Advertising gets CRICKET WORLD CUP READY!

For a country that’s hooked onto cricket, it is only natural, that even the ads the country witnesses will cash in on the Cricket World Cup Fever. In the run up to the World Cup, [...]

Intelligence based ‘Product Ads’

Earlier this week Facebook announced the launch of its Product Ads, a solution that helps marketers promote multiple products or their entire catalog to customers who are actually interested in them. Product Ads helps Facebook [...]

Sokrati wins 2 out of 6 at Google India PSP Awards 2015!

Sokrati has done it again! We are more than happy to announce that Google has honored us with awards in two categories at its prestigious Google India PSP Awards 2015. Out of the eighteen partner [...]

The Eat Theory : Analyzing Trends of Home Delivery

Sokrati Local provides digital marketing to over 500 restaurants all over India - driving awareness, customers & revenues on a daily basis. Leveraging its data-driven platform, we've identified interesting patterns in the food & restaurant category. [...]

The Year 2014 for Sokrati [Infographic]

Transcript: The Year 2014 was quite remarkable for Sokrati. Apart from scaling new heights, we also achieved a few milestones. Sokrati made its presence felt in four more countries apart from India. Also, we skyrocketed [...]

7 Ways to Make Multi Product Ads Click in 2015

Sokrati is one of the few early adopters of Facebook’s Multi Product Ads on its Persona Ad Platform. As promised we are back with a first-hand review on the performance of these Ad Units and [...]

Sokrati raises Series B round of funding

Well, we've kicked off 2015 in style! After being selected in TiE Silicon Valley's Billion Dollar Babies program a couple of weeks earlier, we're now excited to announce that Sokrati has raised Series B funding [...]

Google Shopping Campaigns – Are you doing it right ?

Google Shopping Campaigns are like icebergs - the surface looks simple to get started with: just upload your products catalog, create a Shopping Campaign and you are good to go! But the real work (and [...]

How to crack the Sokratian code ?

A tech interview at Sokrati is something that we look forward to more than our candidates do. However the difference is that sadly very few people are able to get through a tech interview at [...]

Sokrati now part of TiE’s Billion Dollar Babies program

I’m pleased to announce that Sokrati has been selected by TiE Silicon Valley for its Billion Dollar Babies program, a mentorship program for Indian startups with global aspirations. Pursuing our dream of democratizing marketing technology [...]

4 Pillars of Success for Mobile Marketing in 2015

There are 6 billion mobile devices, for the 7 billion people living on earth. This leaves us with no doubt that we are living in an appified world today. Apps have become an established medium [...]

Fresh from the oven: Sokrati now offers Multi Product Ads on Facebook

Sokrati is excited to now offer Facebook's Multi Product Ads on its Persona Ad Platform. With this ad-unit, our e-commerce clients can drive significantly better user experience resulting in higher conversion rates & revenues on [...]

A history of Hades – Flexviews to the rescue!

By late 2013, our ACL service, Hades, needed a revamp. Sokrati had had a great year and the number of clients and agencies we were working with had exponentially increased. This web service handles authentication [...]

Sokrati released Athena!

Sokrati released Athena, its our own data warehouse as a service. Some history: Sokrati deals with a lot of data (20TB+), each team used to worry about scaling up their databases and similar problems were [...]

5 PPC Blogs You Can’t Afford to Miss!

PPC is evolving everyday with Google augmenting its ad network frequently to enhance better search for users and targeted advertising for brands. Given the fact that there are a lot of blogs and articles published [...]

PPC for BFSI: 3 Successful Paid Social Strategies

Imagine that you are the marketing manager at a BFSI company and you’re doing just what everyone else is - using the social platforms as an engagement medium for your customer support. It doesn’t set [...]

4 Reasons why we still love Dynamic Search Ads (and you should too!)

Recently in a coffee-time conversation with one of our account managers, we were casually discussing the reasons of success on a campaign we’re currently running. He was telling me how Dynamic Search Ads was key [...]

Pro Tip: Create Ad Groups To Boost PPC Campaign CTR

As a PPC account manager at an agency, I used to see a lot of clients come in with extremely poor campaign performances and quality scores. These clients were almost always surprised at the immediate [...]

Changes to the Google Merchant Center feed: 3 Things you need to know

Over the last few months we’ve seen Product Listing Ads On Google Shopping gain significance. In fact product listing ads now account for nearly 40% of online retailers’ search budgets. Following closely on the heels [...]

Pro Tip: Create Ad Groups That Get Killer CTRs

As a PPC account manager at an agency, I used to see a lot of clients come in with extremely poor campaign performances and quality scores. These clients were almost always surprised at the immediate [...]

Sokrati is moving the elephant at the Fifth Elephant big data conference this year

Sokrati is a company built on innovation with data. Building proprietary algorithms and finding ways to extract key insights from big data analytics, to make the big data more productive for our clients, it’s what [...]

4 Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) strategies to build your brand without breaking the bank

Building market share from the ground up can be difficult for any new entrant into an established industry. Top of the funnel activities like display advertising can accelerate brand awareness but yield very little in [...]

Optimize Your CTRs With Negative Keywords

Often, when using broad and phrase match type keywords, your ads can show up on some less than desirable search terms. These search terms rarely result in clicks, thus reducing your click-through rate (CTR) and [...]

Sokrati integrates Facebook Exchange with its Retargeting Solution

Sokrati, leader in ad technology and analytics, today announced the direct integration of its personaAds platform with Facebook Exchange. With this integration, Sokrati enables advertisers to showcase specific products individual users are most likely to [...]

Sokrati ranks 3rd in Deloitte Technology Fast 50 rankings

Sokrati Technologies Ltd has been ranked 3rd in the annual Technology Fast 50 2013 rankings compiled by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Private Limited. Sokrati’s whopping 2006% revenue growth over 3 years is the highest growth [...]

Persona Based Keywords for Online Shopping

Search Marketers devote hours of research and study when determining keyword sets for new campaigns. Several “ideal” keyword grouping structures exist, each advocating a deeper level of segregation or, as we call it at Sokrati, [...]

Sokrati Ad Factory : How it works

Sokrati Ad Factory, as the name suggests, is an ad generation tool that helps you build and deploy rich online ads for multiple advertising channels. The tool uses the advertiser’s product feed information to generate various ad components like ad headline, ad copy, image and destination URL  and then puts them all together to form the final ad. […]

Sokrati Creative Analytics : Measuring the True Effectiveness of an Ad

Why do some display ads earn better CTRs than others? Do some ads just get luckier than others or is there any explanation available that can answer how some ads perform better than others? To answer this question, we devised a scientific and statistical approach that tagged different ad components (like ad copies, ad creatives, logos and call to action) with numerical weights corresponding to their effectiveness in gaining CTRs. High performing ad components were again used in new display campaigns and voila – these ads performed like magic! And thus, Sokrati Creative Analytics was born. […]

Sokrati Product Merchandising

The world of digital marketing could get very complicated, we know! There are so many metrics that can be measured to understand how your digital campaigns are working – clicks, CTRs, CPCs, Conversion rates, CIRs, … we’re pretty sure every digital marketer has devised his own set of metrics by now to make sense of how well his campaigns are doing. But at the end of the day, what a marketer really wants to know are the answers to some really basic questions like these: Do young moms buy more phones from my portal than college going men? Do Samsung phones sell better than Apple? Should I say “Compare mobile phone prices” or “30% off” on my ad messaging? Are phones really worth my ad spend? Should I advertise cameras instead? […]

Persona Discovery with Psychographic Targeting

For a moment, let us forget about numbers like clicks, CTRs, CPCs and CPAs or demographic data like age range, income-levels, geography, et al. Instead, let us focus on your audience, or to be more precise, the people you are selling your products and services to. After all, your customer is, and should be, the center of your advertising universe. […]

Sokrati Launches personaAds: A Psychographics-based Advertising Platform

Sokrati announced the launch of its personaAds advertising and analytics platform that marries user psychographics, creative analytics and product merchandising to reduce an advertiser’s experimentation costs by upto 80%. The personaAds platform brings the science of offline shopping to online advertising by enabling the advertiser to focus on how different online shoppers respond to different variables such as messages, products, brands and prices. This coupled with statistical techniques such as Design of Experiments helps the advertiser experiment across all these variables at a fraction of the cost. personaAds automatically identifies relevant and custom audience personas for the advertisers’ business, generates ads based on product SKU level feeds, and identifies what creative elements drive the most ROI. […]

Economics of the Groupon Onion Deal

When onion prices have skyrocketed, Groupon’s onion deal comes as a God-send. A deal seeking Indian customer is always on the lookout for value-for-money options. The deal websites usually attract customers by using price differentiation strategies through lucrative offers and discounts that go up to almost 70 per cent. With the best deal on onions, Groupon has caught the pulse of the Indian consumer who is sensitive about vegetable prices. It has tied up with one of largest onion distributors to procure 3,000 kilograms of fresh onions every day for the next seven days and selling it at Rs. 9 per kg. […]

Sokrati named among Emerging Cloud Vendors -2013 by CRN magazine

Sokrati, India’s leading digital marketing and Analytics Company has featured on a ‘2013 Emerging Technology vendor list by UBM Tech Channel’s CRN Magazine’. It is a list of hottest start-ups in the cloud computing and managed services segment. It recognizes companies, especially start-ups, which have showcased innovation in building cloud-based services and technologies. Sokrati is the only Indian company to be featured, and marks the company’s third inclusion in the annual list. […]

5 point checklist to start off your Facebook ads

Facebook isn’t about having a huge potential audience to reach, it is about being able to reach extremely targeted audience sets that have an interest in your product / service. So, how do you start [...]

Vehicle Shoppers on YouTube

92% of vehicle shoppers visit YouTube each month. But what content do they watch, when do they view and what's the best way to connect with them through video? New research conducted by Compete uncovers [...]

TV + Twitter: The New Advertising Mantra?

If there is one thing Twitter has achieved, its that it has successfully proliferated our television sets, at least in a much better way than any other existing social networks. News channels regularly display (and read out) tweets of newsmakers and opinion leaders. Reality shows and soaps urge fans to follow their Twitter handles and participate in discussions. And a lot of ads now display their topic hashtags and handles to communicate their brand story online with the viewers. Twitter and TV seem to have a great relationship and with their new TV advertising feature,  Twitter seems to be capitalizing this relationship to earn some more ad revenue. […]

Campus Recruitment In The Digital Age

How do you run campus recruitment for 500 students from 10 Tier-1 colleges all across the country without leaving your chair? This is a process we used at Sokrati and we think it could be useful for any company who would like to recruit from various institutions without incurring much expense. The Challenge 1.    Efficiently manage time of interviewers 2.    Efficiently manage time within the recruitment window offered by universities 3.    Minimize travel costs 4.    Cover multiple universities 5.    Reinforce the Sokrati image as evangelists of innovative technologies So how did our HR team pull this off? […]

Twitter Advertising Joins The #SelfServe Bandwagon

Long time pending, but here it is at last! Twitter has now opened up its self-serve advertising platform to marketers. […]

Facebook Launches ‘Partner Categories’

A bit of news that has got marketers excited is Facebook’s new self-serve targeting feature called Partner Categories (currently available only in US markets), which will allow advertisers to target their ads more effectively by using the audiences’ non – Facebook data and also offline purchase data. Using data from Facebook’s research partners, Partner Categories provides advertisers with almost 500 ‘unique audience groups’ to target their ads on. […]

Cost-Effective Campaigns? Think Long-Tail!

The basic accounting equation dictates: Assets = Liabilities + Owners’ Equity. In the Google Adwords world, this translates to: Keyword Ad Rank = Keyword Quality Score x Keyword Bid Price (CPC) Simply put, higher the Quality Score, higher is your Ad rank and at a lower CPC. While there are a number of factors that influence the Quality Score, the relevance of the keyword to the ad group, ad text and landing page is critical in deciding the score. Long-tailed keywords can be one of such influencing factor in improving the quality score of your ads. […]

Onground SMBs: Efficiently Track Conversions With Online Ads

The defining-attributes for online advertising have been “cost-effectiveness”, “enhanced reach” and “tracking conversions”. With faster Internet penetration and more reasons for people to get online, it will become mandatory for almost all the businesses to allocate a certain percentage of their advertising budgets to online spend. I will go further to say many businesses have now realized that the above three are so effective that they have chosen to stop any other form of advertising, like OOH and TVCs.  Many onground stores choose not to do online ads because they feel their enterprise has nothing online-related. It is a common misconception that online ads works only for ecommerce related activity. It is more cost-effective for any advertiser to try online ads as compared to creating hoardings of their service or product, or creating TV commercials. The reach is phenomenal and can be controlled to any specific location you choose. Your ads can appear in Cancun, Mexico while you are based out of Pune, India. […]

Ad Frequency Capping- Is It Useful ?

Ad Frequency capping can be an extremely powerful tool to manage and improve your CTR and average CPC. It is also often ignored very much. Adwords provides data around Frequency and Reach. This can be accessed by logging into the Google AdWords panel and using the dimensions tab. […]

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