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  • The Year 2014 was quite remarkable for Sokrati. Apart from scaling new heights, we also achieved a few milestones.

  • Sokrati made its presence felt in four more countries apart from India. Also, we skyrocketed from 846 clients to 3000 clients.

  • Sokrati contributed a staggering 38 Billion Impressions and 376 Million Clicks to the Digital Advertising Industry.

  • We were selected for the Tie Silicon Valley ‘Billion Dollar Baby’ program.

  • Third year in a row Sokrati was among the top 15 of the ‘Deloitte’s Tech Fast 50′ – a list of the fastest growing companies. We are not just here to grow and evolve but to innovate and disrupt the digital advertising market. Sokrati also filed two patents this year.

  • In 2014, our products delivered one of their finest performances till date. ‘Sokrati Product Ads’ Platform which delivers product ads across channels was able to process 1.1 million products and 8000 feeds in 12 minutes flat. We did this by processing 20GB of data daily. This means no matter how big your catalogue is, we are ready for it. Click here to know more about Sokrati Product Ads.

  • Sokrati was one of the few early adopters of Facebook’s ‘Multi Products Ads’ on its Persona Ad Platform.  We delivered a 50% rise in CTR’s of Multi Product Ads. Click here to read our other blog on how to get the best results on Multi Product Ads.

  • Sokrati Search Ads processed through a whopping 25 Million Keywords, posted 17 Million Ads and created 3 Million Ad Groups.

  • All of this was possible because of Sokrati’s robust core. Our Tech Team crunched through 20 Terabytes of data which captured 5 Billion Events.

  • Since we have already started our Billion Dollar Journey, these numbers will soon seem small compared to what we have in store for 2015. The party has just begun and there is still a lot of space for everyone to join.

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