There are 6 billion mobile devices, for the 7 billion people living on earth. This leaves us with no doubt that we are living in an appified world today. Apps have become an established medium for users to interact with big and small brands, hence making them a massive measure of brand loyalty. With 50% of user searches already happening on mobile devices, 2015 will see a huge shift towards mobile devices. The utter necessity that we have created for these devices can be judged from the numbers below.

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Data Source:
Mobile Marketing Association Asia

Mobile E-Commerce in 2015 will have two significant shifts –

  • Customers will transition from viewing products to purchasing products on mobile devices.
  • Mobile web pages and mobile apps are expected to drive up to 35 – 40% of transactions in 2015-16.  

Mobile app advertising is evolving at a rapid pace. With more and more users starting to engage via apps, the mobile ecosystem is going to get crowded than ever. Paid user acquisition on mobile has started to pay off and the focus of app advertising is increasingly moving towards customer retention. Life time value of a user has become a defacto metric in measuring the success of an app.

The following will be the 4 pillars for success in mobile marketing in 2015.

personalized messaging in apps will be a game changer. With more and more “appification” taking place, leveraging powerful analytics to deliver personalized app messages to users using push notifications will increase customer retention and encourage engagement among users. Push notifications will become a great medium to drive in impulse buys on a regular basis.

Multi Device Searches
The true value of mobile can only be realised when a holistic view of a customer’s journey is visualised from the point of contact to the point of transaction. With an increase in mobile penetration, mobile searches will be on the forefront of total user searches acting as a primary point of contact. Capitalizing on these searches with a mobile first approach towards marketing and understanding the impact on other devices will become important.

Ad Targeting
Opportunity exists to leverage native capabilities of mobile devices to create ad formats and enhance performance in terms of engagement and view-ability. Ad formats on Mobile devices can access a plethora of services like location, phone etc. to refine targeting and increase the engagement of the users. Native ad formats will not only bring value in terms of performance but also enhance user experience by leveraging device level capabilities. For example, a display ad, when clicked, directly prompts the user to call a particular number, thus negating the need for a landing page. This kind of specific lead generation using ad formats that are built for a specific purpose is very effective on mobile devices.

Native / Interstitial Creatives
Mobile creatives will no longer be the banner ads that we are used to. You will see more native, interstitial and takeover ads with interactive content. Mobile landing pages will move from plain old URLs, to deep links within apps or to app intents. What could be better than driving your ad to a checkout screen on your app with the product pre-filled in the cart, or to initiate the dialer app with the advertiser’s phone number.

Thus we will see the goal of a mobile advertising campaign shift from app installs to app engagement to transactions. Advances will be made in the way we target different personas at different times of the day with different messaging that will prompt a transaction. Cross channel optimization for mobile across search (Google), social (Facebook) and display will be key.

At the end of the day, the advertiser does not care about what channel closed the sale, the sale is most important. Having said that we here at Sokrati have already achieved a bunch of milestones when it comes to app download campaigns for some of the biggest names out there.

We would love to know what’s your take on Mobile Advertising and how prepared you are for this upcoming shift. Take this simple poll and we promise to share the results so you know your exact position in the race for Mobile Advertising.

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