Take Google Shopping to the Next Level : Power of Image Optimization in eCommerce

The first thing that a potential buyer looks at when your product ad shows up is the product image. Hence, image optimizations is one of the simplest and the best investment of your time to improve CTRs. There are various hacks that can be implemented to get better CTRs. For example,a zoomed in image to having more focus on the product is known to show an improvement of 30% in CTRs. For other such image optimizations click here.


4 Ecommerce Remarketing Strategies to Optimize ROI based on Shopping Cart Audience Clusters

Have you heard of the 80-20 rule? 80% of your profits/revenue will be from 20% of your existing customers. Going by this rule, using RLSA leveraging audience analytics seems to be a good option to optimize. Here are 4 strategies that have shown clear results in terms of ROI with remarketing on Google.


Your eCommerce Store’s Golden Ticket : The Power of In site Search Visitors & Targeting Strategies

One of the biggest questions on every retailers mind is what kind of audience contributes the most to their revenue base. Insite search visitors are the cluster of audience that spend time and effort searching your site to find a product, clearly showing that they have a higher intent to purchase.Retargeting and advertising to such users is a low hanging fruit not to be missed. To know how to go about it click here.


Google Adwords Customer Match with Ecommerce Client Data Insights & 6 Best Practices

Customer match is essentially a list of email addresses that you can upload to your adwords to enhance your remarketing lists. Google announced their Customer Match list back in September’15 and since then it has garnered great attention and given good results.  Some great insights on leveraging the best results, real impact of customer match on the eCommerce industry can be seen here.


Why Feed Optimization Is Critical for a Successful Ad Campaign

Having a healthy feed is very crucial for your Google shopping campaigns. Many factors like quality score depend on your feed. Optimizing your feed can give you better CTRs, improve your quality score and ultimately help you optimize your campaigns. You can also have a look at these strategies to improve your feed quality.


If you aren’t running Google Shopping Ads, here is a handy guide to help you set up your first shopping campaign on Google Adwords.

If you are a Google Shopping Pro, get your Shopping Feed audited for free to know where you stand. Head over here – Google Shopping Feed Audit app to get started.

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