I am sure you would have read a couple of blogs so far claiming the fact that “top 10 reasons to use new UI”, “hidden gems in new UI”, “7 best features of new UI” and so on and considering the catchy subject line, you would have clicked on the link to read and jump-start using them.
Ok, So I’ll be honest! I have used the word “Maggie” in my headline to catch your attention, Not sure if I was successful in doing so. Idea was to convey that this won’t take more than 5 minutes to read and hence the click bait 🙂

Since you are reading this article, I am assuming that you haven’t found anything fruitful so far and were not able to make any quick use of the new UI. Well, to be honest, even I am not sure if this article would solve the purpose. So, to make it simple and save your time, I have tried to formulate 5 questions that this article would answer and if you think that it’s not addressing your query just close this tab in your browser and save 5 minutes of your time 🙂

Q1: I am struggling with my App tracking in AdWords and not able to find any perfect solution around the same. I am even noticing App revenue in my non-App campaigns. How do I fix for that?
Q2: How do I quickly get an idea of top spending search terms in the account? By quick I mean 2 seconds 🙂
Q3: Can I adjust my bids to drive more leads via Call Extension?
Q4: How can I target Dynamic remarketing ads in Gmail sponsored promotions?
Q5: Is there an option to target people basis household income?

All right..! Since you are still reading I believe I would be able to help you with a thing or two. Would directly start answering the above questions.

A1: One link setup

Do the setup. It’s very easy, just select the Android/iOS App and you are sorted. Just copy the link and paste it in your respective 3P tool. That’s it. You are sorted once you see this 🙂

A2: Ngram word cloud is the answer to get an idea of top search terms in the account.

It would look something like this.

Darker the outline, higher the impression/cost/clicks or any other filters that you select from the right top. This would definitely help in getting a quick snapshot of the search terms in the account.

A3: Increase bids for call extensions using Advanced bid Adjustments

You now have an option to bid at your call extensions 🙂


A:4 Targeting DRM ads in Gmail promotion tabs.

Well, this is a brand new beta and it’s available only in the new UI. very simple to get started. create a new display campaign in the UI and select “no goal as an objective”. Refer this image


Note: Don’t use any of the predefined goal settings, else Gmail option won’t appear.

Post this treat this as a normal DRM campaign, attach a feed and add dynamic ads. You are ready to go live. I am yet to try this feature but I have heard that the entire website gets loaded in the GSP with dynamic products.

A:5 Target people basis household income

If your client is based out of USA, you have an ability to target specific income brackets in the US on search, based on data that Google pulls directly from the IRS. to be honest this isn’t a new feature but it was hidden dip in the location targeting settings earlier and now it’s clearly available in the demographics tab. Also, you have an option to change adjust your bids accordingly.

Bonus tip?

Promotion extensions is a Search ad format that enables customers to highlight specific sales, discounts or promotions across their AdWords ads. The way this shows along with your Google Search Ads varies based on the type of promotion selected and the additional criteria that may be added.
So, that’s it from my end. I would cover few more things that are still on it’s way into the new UI. Do share your thoughts and experience of using the new UI. I would love to uncover few more such findings!
Hope it was worth 5 mins of your time 🙂

Image Credits:  Google Adwords