A tech interview at Sokrati is something that we look forward to more than our candidates do. However the difference is that sadly very few people are able to get through a tech interview at Sokrati. And we say ‘Sadly ‘ because we know there is a lot of good talent out there that we probably pass on just because the whole situation of a tech interview may not be conducive enough to bring out the best of every individual. We at Sokrati strongly believe that a time of 5-6 hrs is very less to analyze the true potential of every individual. But since interviews just cannot go on forever, we stick to a time limit to try and identify the most shining ones out of the lot. Here at Sokrati you will find some geekiest of geeks with amazing talent and potential to make a difference.

We do not want to lose any potential talent just because the candidate could not bring their inner best to the table, due to the nervousness of  not knowing what’s coming next. This blog gives everybody an idea of what to expect in a tech interview at Sokrati.

What exactly are we looking at ?

Firstly, here at Sokrati the years of experience you boast in your Resume would not exactly decide your designation. The knowledge you have gained over the period of time and how you leverage that to solve problems is what matters. At Sokrati you will find people who are out of college a year back and already heading product teams or creating some uber cool tech stuff.

No matter how cool you were earlier, the only one question every interviewer would have in mind is that would I want to work with this guy ? This is something you can’t really learn or develop but might come through your intrinsic nature. Don’t try to fake it, just be who you are and it should be fine.

So how is the process like ?

Round 1

So we might get your Resume either through your application on our website, any person you know from Sokrati or our placement drive in your college. Every candidate shortlisted is screened through by solving a random coding question from our question bank.

 You will have an hour to solve that with the language of your choice either with a pen or it maybe  online. We would not just be looking at how optimal the code is, but we will also be checking how the code is structured and if the code satisfies all the test cases.

e.g. Find the next missing number in an unsorted array. Complexity should not exceed O(n).

Round 2

After making sure you have written a code which you yourself should be proud of, we make sure you have your basics clear to write codes which solve complex problems, build highly scalable, reliable and fault tolerant systems which you will be working on. This mainly includes OOPS Concepts, Operating Systems, Data Structures, Databases, Algorithms and System Design.

It would typically start with simpler questions such as given two strings find if one is permutation of another, implement a stock ticker and will keep on getting complicated till one gives up!! 🙂

Round 3

Once you have proved your mettle to solve real world problems comes the time to show that you are a superhero. This round will put you in scenarios which might not exist in the real world. Your ticket to make this round is by applying your learning experience to get out of these scenarios.

That’s pretty much of it. If you manage to sail smoothly through these rounds you should be proud of yourself to have gotten an offer from a company where one coder is selected out of every 1500 software engineers interviewed. This number should not scare you but encourage you to give your best to be a part of the best.

All the best ! See you on the other side.

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