For a country that’s hooked onto cricket, it is only natural, that even the ads the country witnesses will cash in on the Cricket World Cup Fever.

In the run up to the World Cup, several advertisers began to send out messages that attempted a play on the seasonal flavor of the incoming World Cup.

Who’s Doing It?

eCommerce players are the ones who are heavily banking on this opportunity. Large scale Marketplaces promoted everything from an Airfryer, to a Couch and also a  TV with a strong World Cup tone attached to it.


It’s not just the eCommerce players, but food delivery folks have been cashing in big as well. Food delivery with special discounts during the Cricket World Cup has been a strong pitch for these players. With a hope of not losing out on any opportunity these players are coming out with innovative tactics like offering special discounts on orders – every time India wins.


How does this help?

We did a quick number check and the impact is hard to ignore. The first impact these ads see is on the Click-through rate front. The Ads see a 20% improvement in click-through rates, thereby giving advertisers an improved CPC. If targeted well and at the right times, these ads are also capable of seeing improvements in conversion rates. That’s precisely what the Food Players are doing. By offering special discounts and keeping messaging as hard hitting as possible, a leading Food Delivery client has seen a 25% jump in orders.

The same notion stands true for Marketplaces too. Televisions have otherwise been a rather high involvement category and buyers are known to take a while before they choose to buy. But special discounts combined with an effective Cricket World Cup push have seen TV sales for these players pick up considerably.

Who Is Being Targeted?

Advertisers mainly target males because they have a higher propensity to consume sports. Ads when targeted to audiences, whose interests are Cricket and Specific Cricketers, provide advertisers with improved CTR’s, CPC’s and revenue metrics. While advertising remains Male heavy, females aren’t completely ignored. An interesting ad we did was for a leading Online Fashion Retailer. The ad positioned “Team India colors” in the run up to the India Pakistan match last weekend.



Normally in terms of numbers, the client received good traction through Womens Kurtis. But the World Cup period turned Kurtis into a Hero Category with a 20% improvement in conversion rate and revenues.

How Does One Get It Right?

An ad just randomly positioning a World Cup message does not necessarily promise a click. Like any other Facebook ad, the advertiser should ensure it is well presented, targeted to the right audience set and launched at the right time.

An ad from a Food Delivery portal, broadcast at 8 pm with a “Eat while you Watch” messaging will be flawed, if there is not a single World Cup Match being played or aired at that time. The same applies to the Kurtis above. Running the ‘India – Pakistan’ specific messaging after the match is over is detrimental to the brand and its sales figures.

On the contrary, advertisers should be on their toes and cash in on not just the time of the match but with its results also. A small change in messaging like “Celebrate India’s Win” can trigger the emotional quotient of the fans and also give great results (provided India did win the match).

Any seasonal push messaging or any messaging based on an event is doubly difficult to deal with. Advertisers must ensure they keep ads in sync with the dynamic nature of the event itself. Failing to do so makes advertisers lose potential Click-throughs and Eventual Revenues.

Other than messaging, advertisers have to ensure effective sync with the audience. Though in a country like India almost everyone is a cricket fanatic, the availability of online shopping is only limited to a few. Showcasing an Airfryer with a world cup messaging to every cricket fan is going to bring many clicks, but will have a poor conversion rate. Given the price points and the premium nature of the product, the advertiser should ensure to add additional layers of targeting over and above those that like ‘Cricket’. An effective set of targeting options could be as follows: Males; Living in Metro’s; Interested in Premium Brands; Like Cricket. This should give the advertiser a set of audience that likes Cricket and also has a propensity to consume products with a higher Average Order Value.

For a country that loves it’s cricket, Facebook Ads are sure to cash in on the mania as we proceed further. We are making it big for us and our clients this World Cup Season. To know more on how we can help you replicate the World Cup Fever in your business, write to us at


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