Dynamic creatives are customizable ads that act as a template (or a frame), that can be used to change a part of the creative based on the targeting. For instance, with a dynamic creative, you can showcase a different ad to the audience based on their age, location, device etc. This helps in improving the audience connect, and people tend to click more on your ads.


Image Source: DoubleClick Rich Media

How did we use dynamic creatives?

To generate leads for a Health Insurance client, we focused on the on-going issue of Air Quality in the city of Delhi. We used an open-source API to showcase the Air Quality of the city in real-time; right in the ad copy! This helped spread awareness about the issue and encouraged users to get a health insurance that provides special cover for a disease directly associated with Air Quality issue- Asthma along with other such chronic conditions.

The percentage difference with the safe pollution level value of 100 was shown dynamically in the ad message like “Do you know that the Air in Delhi is 160% more polluted today?”


This helped connect with the audience since they understood that the Air Quality Index in the city was way over the permissible limit.

Did it work?

The Air Quality ads helped us improve the lead to sale ratio by over 5x for the client. Despite a lower CTR on the ads (as compared to the other ad campaigns), the final sales closed via these ads were much higher than usual, with a lead to sale ratio 20% more than Search itself!

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