A bit of news that has got marketers excited is Facebook’s new self-serve targeting feature called Partner Categories (currently available only in US markets), which will allow advertisers to target their ads more effectively by using the audiences’ non – Facebook data and also offline purchase data. Using data from Facebook’s research partners, Partner Categories provides advertisers with almost 500 ‘unique audience groups’ to target their ads on.


So how does Facebook get hold of offline data? Its simple really. Facebook’s research partners, Datalogix for example, has been taking down the Facebook user id of customers when they apply for loyalty cards or a promotional offer. So everytime a purchase has been made by this customer using either of these schemes, the data enters the Facebook server, courtesy Datalogix. This gives Facebook enough data to classify their users into various shopper categories, thus making audience targeting easier and giving greater scope for CTR improvement in Facebook advertising.

Smart indeed!

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