Sokrati has done it again! We are more than happy to announce that Google has honored us with awards in two categories at its prestigious Google India PSP Awards 2015. Out of the eighteen partner contenders, we were awarded two out of six awards in different categories.

This is our second year in a row of receiving the ‘Best Quality Accounts Award’. This award is given for having the highest average Google Adwords Quality Score which means we are consistently delivering quality ads since two years.

We are also happy to win the ‘Largest Increase in Absolute Revenue Award’. The year 2014 saw over 130% increase in Sokrati’s revenues.

James Sanders, head of Google’s APAC channel sales partnerships says “We are excited to launch the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner program with hand-picked, highly qualified companies like Sokrati. Small and medium-sized businesses will not only benefit from Sokrati’s in-depth training, but from their years of experience in the local market.”

Recognized as a Google Adwords Premier SMB Partner since 2012, Sokrati drives a staggering count of over 12 million monthly visits to advertisers by managing over 100 million active ad entities on a real-time basis. Sokrati services 3,000 clients currently from various verticals like Ecommerce, Travel, Finance and Technology to name a few among 280 categories.

About the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner Program – The Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner Program (PSP) connects Google’s trusted and experienced AdWords partners with small and medium-sized businesses that want expert help in creating, managing and optimizing their online advertising campaigns. In addition to in-depth AdWords expertise, PSP partners provide full-service campaign management, detailed reporting, one-on-one customer support, and broad marketing guidance to help advertisers make the most of their campaigns.

Till next year…

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