Sokrati is one of the few early adopters of Facebook’s Multi Product Ads on its Persona Ad Platform. As promised we are back with a first-hand review on the performance of these Ad Units and a few best practices which will help you get the most of these ads.

Apart from what several data points suggest, we here at Sokrati have seen an improvement of around 45-50% in CTR’s compared to the ones achieved through conventional PPLA.

An Ad Unit is just something what you get, but as an advertiser what you do out of it is what really matters.  With our hands-on experience on MPA’s, we have identified a set of best performing tactics that advertiser’s can capitalize to reach their revenue/CTR goals.

1.    Choose your Product Images Wisely

Make sure you choose product images that enhance the user experience, which help the user focus on the product with ease.

The above image shows consistency in angle of the products photographed (all from left) thus enhancing the symmetry and smoothness of the overall ad unit. This makes it easier for the customer to clearly differentiate and identify from three different products with ease.

2.    Focus on Product Placement within Ad unit

To increase the view ability of your best products within the ad unit, make sure you place them on the left and center.


The likelihood of users clicking on attractive products is high. Placing the more attractive products on the left and middle will garner more clicks because in the current MPA format the product to the extreme right is partially hidden.

3.    Add Variation in Product Images while Promoting Utilitarian Products

It can be a challenge to get very high CTRs, while promoting certain product categories on Facebook. In such cases, MPAs can be used to make a difference. Explained further with the help of an example.


Certain product categories may not exactly by visually appealing. Make sure you pick up the best clicked pictures to add uniqueness, variation and style to an otherwise very mundane utilitarian product.

With such an MPA, Sokrati has seen CTRs improve by 30% compared to a regular PPLA.

4.    Use Attractive Product Images

On Facebook bright images are known to improve CTRs. Using attractive and colorful product images – each product of a different color, is a definite way to attract more clicks. Below are a few examples:



5.    Showcase Variety/Depth in Category

The Multi Product Ad format can be used to showcase either the wide range of products available on the website or the depth available within a particular category.


The above ad is used to promote different categories of Jewellery available on the website.


This ad demonstrates the different kinds of products available on the website, thereby increasing chances of a user identifying a product that interests him/her, hence improving CTRs.

6.    Include a Call To Action in the Description of the Ad Unit

Since MPA is a new ad format all users might not be familiar with it and might not instantly respond as expected.  The Call to Action button that is present in the other Newsfeed ad formats is also missing in the MPA.

Thus explicitly mentioning a Call to Action in the description makes up for the missing button and is a definite way to drive more clicks to the website and improve CTR.


7.    Use Appealing Ad Text

Individual product headline and text can be used effectively.

In the below example, product headlines are used to highlight the product category and the starting price point while the product descriptions are used to showcase the USP of the product.


To get started with these are just a few of the many things that advertisers can do to their MPA ads. Don’t hesitate to comment if you have more suggestions or tips for enhancing MPA performance.

To know how you can leverage Sokrati’s expertise in Social Ads to meet your business objectives, just drop in a mail at

[Banner Image credit: Lotus72BurnAway]

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