Sokrati is excited to now offer Facebook’s Multi Product Ads on its Persona Ad Platform. With this ad-unit, our e-commerce clients can drive significantly better user experience resulting in higher conversion rates & revenues on the site.

Facebook has exposed Multi Product Ads only via the API and several data points suggest about 42% higher click-through rates and 45% higher conversion rates. This made it a no-brainer for us to prioritize & you’d agree this is a must-have arsenal in any retailers’ marketing tool-kit.

By the time you read this blog we might have already launched our campaigns. We will keep you posted on key aggregated results that we see first-hand!

Here’s more on Multi Product Ads on Facebook:


                                                                (Image Courtesy: Facebook for Business –

How cool looking ads are these!

What is a Multi Product Ad?



(Image Courtesy: Facebook Community –

Beyond cosmetics, here’s why Multi Product Ads are so cool:

– More products with their own landing URLs in one image = better user experience
– Better user experience = better click-throughs, better branding and better conversions!
– Allows personalization & product discovery when combined with custom audiences

We are very excited to launch & offer Multi Product Ads for retailers on our platform. So this winter you might just see 3 different sweat shirts in a single ad or a combination of a sweater, muffler and a beanie.

Contact us anytime at to know more about this product or how we may help you launch these ads…

Till next time!

[Banner Image credit: Lotus72BurnAway]


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