Imagine that you are the marketing manager at a BFSI company and you’re doing just what everyone else is – using the social platforms as an engagement medium for your customer support. It doesn’t set you apart, does it? Out of the 243 million internet users in India, 106 million of them are on social media, nearly 50% of all internet users in India. 87% of these social media users access it via their mobile phones. Now you’re thinking what would be the best way to implement PPC for BFSI. Here are 3 essential paid social strategies as part of your PPC campaigns for BFSI:

Create a captive audience – Mailing lists

By virtue of the KYC formalities, every bank and other financial service providers have access to the email ids of their customers. These mailing lists can be used to be tagged to the social media profiles of the users to be able to identify the right TG for each of the digital marketing activities for greater engagement.

Call Now – Call to Action

87% of the social media users access via their mobile phones. Facebook recently added the “Call Now” call to action option to it’s page posts. This provides the perfect opportunity to generate qualified leads where you allow the user to reach out to you quicker and more conveniently.


Custom Audiences – Direct targeting

At Sokrati, we recently ran a successful campaign for one of the world’s leading banks. We saw some amazing performance numbers as a result of the custom audiences we targeted through our social targeting tools. These tools used the user information available with the bank to create the right ad copy for the different types of audience on the social platforms.

Hence, i think the BFSI sector should shed it’s social inhibitions and embrace it as the next level of it’s marketing strategy.

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