Sokrati is a company built on innovation with data. Building proprietary algorithms and finding ways to extract key insights from big data analytics, to make the big data more productive for our clients, it’s what we do everyday here.

At the Fifth Elephant big data conference this year, Sokrati is talking extensively about its big data solutions in 3 cities:

  • Harshad Saykhedkar, Senior Data Scientist at Sokrati, conducted a workshop on real time machine learning at the Mumbai run-up event on the 7th of June. It was a well received workshop and the perfect build up to his workshop at the conference. In case you missed it, catch it here

  • Rahul Kulkarni, our CPO spoke at the Pune run-up event on saturday, the 5th of July. If you are in Pune. If you missed the ex-googler talking about bring a cookie to life, you can catch it here:

  • The mainstay is Harshad conducting a hands-on workshop and anchoring a session at the main event which takes place in Bangalore from July 23 -26, 2014.
    Harshad is going to be talking about the big elephant in the room when it comes to big data – how to make a dollar out of it! His crisp 20 minute talk will cover, how at Sokrati he and his team have been able to discover the right resources which have helped them churn out various effective big data solutions.

If you’re keen on riding the elephant to glory, catch either one of them at their respective events, or even better, at all three. We’re sure that after attending these Sokrati events, flying elephant won’t surprise you anymore!

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