Sokrati, leader in ad technology and analytics, today announced the direct integration of its personaAds platform with Facebook Exchange. With this integration, Sokrati enables advertisers to showcase specific products individual users are most likely to purchase based on their usage patterns on the advertisers’ website – thus bringing the power of direct response advertising to Facebook.

Retargeting allows marketers to reach users who have shown interest in their brand or product. Traditionally, retargeting has involved the painful manual process of creation of audience segments – often capturing only a limited subset of users on the website. Recent advances have enabled advertisers to show an ad for the last product browsed by the user on the advertisers’ website – however over 55% of users do not buy the last browsed product. Both these techniques thus result in limited coverage, manual errors and most importantly lower conversion rates than what could really be achieved.

Speaking about the new development, Rahul Kulkarni, CPO of Sokrati, says, “The cookie cutter approach of showing the user an ad of the last product browsed on a website does not yield optimal conversion rates. Retargeting becomes much more powerful if the product recommended is based on a 360 degree profiling of the user. With Sokrati personaAd platform for retargeting, you need not worry about creating audience segments or cookie buckets. Just place Sokrati’s smart pixel on your website and let Sokrati Persona Discovery take over.”

Sokrati personaAds develops distinctive audience personas among the advertiser’s site visitors by analysing their site usage and behavioural patterns. The platform automatically detects an individual’s persona on the basis of user profile built, purchase history, browsing behavior and website search queries. Sokrati Product Affinity Predictor then recommends the right product for that persona which results in the right ad being shown to the right user driving maximum conversions. In this whole process no manual creation of segments is required, nor is the user stuck seeing ads for the last product she browsed on the advertiser’s website.

Sokrati’s Facebook Exchange offering is open for sign up as a fully managed offering. Write to us at to know more.

About Sokrati

Sokrati is a leader in ad technology and analytics and recently ranked 3rd in the list of fastest growing technology companies in India by Deloitte. Led by ex-Amazonians and ex-Googlers, Sokrati has built proprietary algorithms to manage performance-driven marketing spend on paid search, and social and display networks. Sokrati drives over 12 million monthly visits to advertisers by managing more than 100 million active ad entities on a real-time basis. Several top brands in e-commerce, travel and finance sectors across India and USA enjoy higher conversion rates with Sokrati’s ad technology and analytics platform.
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