Many marketers today wax eloquently about online video ads and how they help improve customer engagement. But for some of us – the Direct Response marketers ( the marketing geeks), online video ads always meant brand campaigns. We are used to making product specific ads based on how well the product performed, their cost of sales, margins  and a gazillion other parameters. We relied on image and text formats, since we didn’t know how to generate videos that were specific to products.

This is despite the fact that the engagement level for video is proven to be much better than the other ad formats*. The formidable price of creating videos – most often videos using production studios or using studio software by vendors such as Adobe etc stopped us from creating product videos for his products. Not to mention dealing with the creative types in typical agencies.

91% of the executives feel that digital video ad is more effective than display ad. – As per survey by Brightroll    –   CLICK TO TWEET  twitter_button___logo_by_pixxiepaynee-d5sfq9u

Here at Sokrati, this got us thinking on how cool it would be if we could create videos automatically from product feeds (the same way we create image creatives at Sokrati). A few quarters of research and quite a few beer kegs later, we have come up with exactly that.  

No, I’m not talking about those lame slide shows of images with robotic voices that pass off as videos, or the tacky animations that you see in display. These are videos with story lines, interesting transitions and with studio quality voice-overs.

Check some of these automated videos.


The only input that was needed for this was the product feed, something that is standard for most e-commerce companies, with say two to three images of your product, and a good product description.  We run it through our video creator service which chooses the best storyboard for your image, the best voice-over, the best images and transitions and viola – the video is created. We can then advertise or host it on the channel of your choice.

We currently support

1. Video Social Ads: We can host your product videos in social channels such as Facebook or Twitter. We format the video ads such that it is tailor made for the social network of your choice to drive conversions.

2YouTube Channel: Many retailers create their own YouTube channel to showcase their product. Many businesses manage their own channel where they do showcase their products.

3. Store-front Video: In addition, to the YouTube video, many retailers also create on-site video for better customer engagement.

4. Video E-Mail: Embedding video in the email as a part of your email marketing campaign is another channel for video advertisements.

The product is currently been beta tested by some of our customers. For more details on this product, please contact


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