Well, we’ve kicked off 2015 in style! After being selected in TiE Silicon Valley’s Billion Dollar Babies program a couple of weeks earlier, we’re now excited to announce that Sokrati has raised Series B funding led by IvyCap Ventures with Inventus Capital’s participation.

Sokrati’s resolve got even stronger as we pursue our journey to disrupt the $138 billion digital marketing industry. The fresh funding will allow us to aggressively expand our technology & big data engineering teams; while building out our marketing presence globally.

Sokrati’s vision to build One Marketing Platform

Today, marketers use 8 – 10  tools to run digital marketing campaigns – given the extremely fragmented nature of the offerings in the industry, for e.g. a bid manager for search campaigns on Google, a tool for Facebook campaigns, an email marketing tool, a retargeting tool, may be a manually-run agency for user engagement on Twitter & Pinterest, and so on.

However, most tools are channel oriented and hence agnostic & decoupled from marketers’ business offering & ROI goals. To further aggravate the situation – these tools end up competing amongst themselves for Marketers’ wallet share – hurting the marketing efficiencies significantly.

This gave birth to Sokrati’s vision of building an AI driven multi-channel marketing automation platform that designs itself to serve marketers goals globally. The platform provides a unified view of the end-user and merchandise to the marketer rather than pivoting the analytics around channels & channel features.

The self-learning & automated platform gathers industry specific intelligence and delivers unparalleled ROI & analytics for marketing dollars. Only a few very large & sophisticated advertisers have something that may remotely resemble this today. We aim at leveling the playing field by making this technology accessible to thousands of marketers globally.

Thanks to an amazing team and our awesome Clients

With 3,000 marketers and 130% growth annually – Sokrati’s journey thus far wouldn’t have been possible without the continued belief of extremely talented Sokratians and our awesome Clients.

Every day at Sokrati, we strive really hard to become marketers’ champion globally and to create one of the most exciting product & technology company in the world – made out of India!

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