Jemkon, one of India’s leading manufacturers of epoxy and water flooring, serves more than 500 companies. With an in-house application team and latest equipment, it assures its clients durable and cost effective flooring solutions.

“We started the company in 2011 with conventional  feet-on-the-street marketing model. And we knew merely sending sales executive on the field would not do significant wonders” says Clibe Joshva, Director at Jemkon Pvt. Ltd. Limited by the abilities of traditional marketing, Jemkon decided to start online promotion. His first few attempts with online marketing and trying to expand his business weren’t very fruitful, as the agencies he was working with weren’t helpful. Clibe then reached out to Sokrati, Google’s Premier partner in India.

Sokrati, gathered the requirements of Jemkon and their desire to expand across India. Google AdWords emerged as the most cost-effective choice after careful consideration of the varied digital channels. Team Sokrati started customized campaigns to reach the wider user-base with the capability of tracking the budget expenditure, which was the exact requirement of Clibe.

“We employed the tools inbuilt at Sokrati, experimented with keywords and selected the best-performing ones.  Ad scheduling enabled us to target the most relevant audience at the most opportune time of the day at minimal cost. And real time analytics with Chuknu, our proprietary end-to-end funnel tracking app, helped optimize the campaigns to get the best ROI.” says Kshitij Kukreja, Senior Business Analyst at Sokrati.

Skillfully designed Search Ads helped Jemkon maintain its visibility on SERP, acquiring top advertisement placements. The results were phenomenal!

  • 27% reduction in cost per click i.e. acquiring more traffic at reduced cost.
  • 40% reduction in cost per leads i.e. more leads at reduced cost.

Sokrati’s Web Product, Dashboard aided Clibe gauge the performance of the campaigns and track daily marketing spend. And with on-the go app, Chuknu, it became much easier to manage the sales.

With the taste of sweet success, Jemkon readily recommends Online Advertising through Sokrati!

“Sokrati understands the value for money. For every penny being spent, you get a wholesome return. highly satisfied with the performance and services” says Clibe.

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