Remunance began their journey about 10 years back with a very different mission to help companies from abroad set up their operations in India. With an increasing demand for the payroll service they studied the market and then around 5 years back they launched their salary processing service as well.

“We studied the market well and found that across India there were very few companies who were offering similar services. We got the advantage of early movers and today we have around 140+ customers across India” says Mr. Rajendra Vaidya, Founder and MD of Remunance Systems.

They initially started off with push marketing technique which resulted in longer sales cycle. With the aim to expand their business multifold and reach out to customers globally they approached Sokrati, Google’s Premier partner in India. Sokrati began working with Remunance in June 2015 and designed a highly optimized campaign for them. With fierce competition out there Sokrati faced challenge in terms of high CPC initially. The team knew they had to consume the budget very cautiously.

After an extensive study of the campaign the team came up with the solution. The Ad copies were highly targeted.  Ad scheduling enabled them to target the most relevant audience at the most opportune time of the day at minimal cost.

Team started Email Marketing for the client. They also initiated GSP (Gmail Sponsored Promotion) for Remunance that targets users based on their Gmail account activity which significantly brought the Avg CPC down. After the campaign became stable, they began Keyword Variations that would involve analyzing and adding of Search Query Report to bring more traffic in same budget.

In own words “The very pleasant surprise I ever had working with Sokrati was that they maintained the cost into the range we wanted, otherwise this could be a very costly affair”.

The competently designed Ads helped Remunance achieve maximum visibility on the various marketing channels that Team Sokrati used for them. The results speak for themselves,

  • 43% reduction in cost per click i.e. acquiring more traffic at reduced cost.
  • Click Through Rate increased 4X.
  • The average Ad rank improved by 36%.

       in just nine months.

“We utilized the budgets in our search campaigns on Google very efficiently by doing a lot of a/b testing and analysis on the keywords and targeting during the tenure taking some business related inputs from our client and were able to derive the most optimum targeting & best set of keywords which would suit our campaign objective of lead generation” says Kshitij Kukreja, Senior Business Analyst at Sokrati.

Happy and content with the services and support provided by Sokrati, Remunance happily recommends Sokrati.



“Sokrati is not just our vendor, they are our partners. We involve them in a lot of our decision making. The experience has been very good. With the new techniques they help us with, 50% of our marketing comes from online sources and that I think is the biggest plus of digital marketing” says Mr. Rajendra Vaidya.

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