10 years back, with an idea to make numbers and maths fun, Puja & Bimal Anand started Whizz Kidzs with 40 students in 1 center. Now, they have grown to more than 25 centers and are making maths fun for more than 4000 students. Maybe another Ramanujan is in making at Whizz Kidzs!

Bimal, the owner, decided to gain natural visibility and started promoting his business on Google Adwords .  Realizing the need for experts to handle the account, he did a thorough online-research and got in touch with Sokrati, India’s Premier Partner with Google.

Team Sokrati made some insightful observations in their existing account, and revamped the entire account applying best practices. With a desire to be efficient with marketing budgets, Sokrati started grounds up.The Sokrati team recreated a mobile-friendly website and fixed the SEO to rank Whizz Kidzs on top in search engine results. Enabling Capibar, Sokrati’s patented application, in the website,  helped Analytics Team make intelligent decisions for better performance.

Physical establishment of the institute required children to visit the centers, and hence the team tightened the geographic distribution using hyper-local targeting to rich pockets in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. The keywords were sharpened and associated with the Ad copy text which increased clicks by 51.33%. Presently, Ads are so compelling that the Click Through Rate is as high as 12.75%.

“Any parent or child searching for abacus, vedic math or math tuition in their local area, Whizz Kidzs is the first to come on the page!” says Bimal.

Though Google was doing perfectly fine, the team did not settle with it. With an intention of expanding the online presence and after a thorough analysis, they proposed initiating Facebook Ads simultaneously. To be specific in their reach, the Ads were targeted to fine-grained audience, keeping demography and interest in mind. With this strategic maneuver, the team has been able to increase leads by 44% and online marketing spend has come down by 95%.

Whizz Kidzs is now aspiring to grow beyond Mumbai and expand across the nation. And Sokrati has taken up the challenge of making them successful nationwide”

“Sokrati is extremely professional and we are really happy with them. Their services are very prompt and more than anything else we appreciate the ideas coming from them. It is definitely a long term relationship with Sokrati!” says Puja & Bimal Anand, The Founders Of Whizz Kidzs

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