If there is one thing Twitter has achieved, its that it has successfully proliferated our television sets, at least in a much better way than any other existing social networks. News channels regularly display (and read out) tweets of newsmakers and opinion leaders. Reality shows and soaps urge fans to follow their Twitter handles and participate in discussions. And a lot of ads now display their topic hashtags and handles to communicate their brand story online with the viewers. Twitter and TV seem to have a great relationship and with their new TV advertising feature,  Twitter seems to be capitalizing this relationship to earn some more ad revenue.


TV ad targeting on Twitter

What Twitter is trying to achieve here is a synchronisation of Twitter and TV ad campaigns. This facilitates another form of retargeting wherein the viewers of the show, who are likely to have watched an ad of a particular brand played in the commercial break, are again shown the ad by that same brand on Twitter as well.

Say Coca Cola advertises on a show like Mad Men. Twitter tracks whenever the ad runs during the commercial breaks through their video fingerprinting technology and at the same time, tracks users on Twitter who are tweeting about the show at that time using the hashtag MadMen. Now Coca Cola knows that these users have probably watched their ad on TV and hence, can engage the same users on Twitter using Promoted Tweets.

What’s in it for advertisers

The biggest benefit advertisers can derive from this feature is that they can continue their conversation with the audience who have already seen their ads. By intelligently extending their conversation to these users on Twitter, either by a simple Tweet or a video post or any other form of engagement, the brand can ensure greater recall among the viewers.

Twitter has already started Beta testing this feature, though only in the USA and limited to brands who advertise on TV channels that broadcast on a national level.

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