Long time pending, but here it is at last! Twitter has now opened up its self-serve advertising platform to marketers.


Advertisers have already been using Twitter’s paid ad service since 2010 to promote their Tweets and Twitter profiles, to share their message and gain more followers. But this could only be done indirectly by contacting Twitter or one of its partner agencies. With the self-serve platform, advertisers can gain more control over their promotional activity on Twitter. However, the paid advertising options are still limited to Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts, and it doesn’t look like Twitter will be adding any more paid advertising options on its portal.


The ad platform allows you to target audiences simply based on their geography and interests. The costing works on a Cost-per-follow (CPF) model and like Google & Facebook, allows you to set daily budgets and CPF values for your bids. It is unclear as to the kind of CTRs we can expect from this platform, but it is obvious that advertisers should pay great attention to their profile structure and the content of their tweets while their campaigns are on since the audience’s attention span will be low.

The platform shows a simple 4-step procedure to launch ads and it should be no trouble for marketers who are used to advertising on other social platforms.


We haven’t tested out the platform yet since it is only available in the USA presently but Twitter has announced they will be launching it in other countries in a phase-wise manner. So watch this space for more updates on what’s trending on Twitter advertising.

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