Born into a hotelier family and inspired by his frequent visits to Thailand, Darshan, keen to replicate the experience of Thai massages back home– started Zazen Spa in September 2011. Unique in design and concept, complemented with luxurious materials, energizing aromas and tranquil music from over the world, Zazen spa is now spread out with 17 outlets across Maharashtra.

Desire of a rapid growth and reach to a large and new customer base pushed Darshan to use multiple marketing tactics but none of them could meet the expectations of him. Understanding the need of the hour and the kind of customer base he is looking for, Darshan soon realized that online is the platform where he can reach his favorite audience. He decided to promote his business through digital marketing and signed up with Google’s premier partner, Sokrati.

“If you are searching for a ‘spa’ in one tab, 90% are the chances that you are searching for ‘best spa deals’ in other tab of the browser” – Shubham, Sr. Business Analyst, Sokrati

Team Sokrati knew that the spending on spa is indeed a luxury and customer base mindset is largely best deals driven, hence the team used highly targeted keywords like ‘spas in Mumbai’, ‘best spa deal’ etc effectively targeting the people looking for spa. By using negative keywords, Sokrati team prevented ads from appearing to users searching for services/products that zazen spa does not offer; further maximizing the ROI on its AdWords spend. Precise targeting helped to maximize the investment and reduce wastage.

Today, Zazen Spa receives 200+ leads every month at a cost per lead that is 35 percent lesser than what it had defined as the target. It has been able to generate a ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) of 3X. Infact, the team saw Zazen spa’s call volume plummet by 50 percent when sokrati paused its AdWords campaign to deep dive into the analysis of what was working for them.

Mr. Darshal Rawal loves the ethics and performance of Sokrati. With the kind of metrics and analysis Sokrati provides, he realizes every money spent is accounted.

“Initially, it was Sokrati’s attitude to take up our project as a challenge that endeared us to them. Having worked with them on our campaign for six months now, we recognize and acknowledge their strengths in digital marketing which is backed by a robust technology platform. Their analysis is very strong and their ability to measure campaigns from various angles builds trust in our investments with them. Besides, their account management is very pro-active. They take responsibility for their jobs,” says Darshan.

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