Latest marketing updates on Amazon Advertising in 2019!

By |Monday, February 25, 2019|Amazon Advertising, Blog|

“I solemnly swear that I am not just keywords, but so much more now!”, says Amazon Ads.

Since the advent of Amazon Advertising, Amazon has been providing automatic and manual targeting for sponsored product ads.

In 2019, Amazon cheered up the advertisers with some really cool targeting options for Sponsored Product Campaigns. Let’s together find out the secret of ‘how can these features be leveraged effectively’ for better audience reach, as we walk through each one […]

Here’s what you need to know about the ‘New-To-Brand’ Metric by Amazon Advertising

By |Monday, February 25, 2019|Amazon Advertising, Blog|

Amazon now empowers its advertisers with a new analytics measurement technique: New To Brand.

“New-to-brand” metrics determine whether an ad-attributed purchase was made by an existing customer or one buying a brand’s product on Amazon for the first time over the prior year.


Read Amazon’s official release article here.

Along with the already existing set of measurement tools, the inclusion of ‘new to brand metrics’ is proving […]

8 Amazon Listing optimisation techniques that every marketer should know!

By |Monday, February 11, 2019|Amazon Advertising, Blog, Ecommerce Marketing|

Mastering the optimisation strategies can really sleek one’s game at advertising on amazon.

For years, Google has captured the attention of marketers as the prime avenue for generating search-driven online sales through advertising. That focus has shifted with Amazon skyrocketing to the top of the e-commerce world. Showing no signs of slowing down, Amazon is now an essential part of any retailer’s digital marketing strategy. This is especially true for all Indian retail brands because […]