How to kickstart Mobile App Install campaigns

By |Thursday, February 8, 2018|Apps, Blog, Campaign Launcher, Google Advertising, Social Advertising|

You can clearly experience the rising trend of smarter phones. This in turn is assisting another trend on this wave – the rise of apps. Smaller, smarter and more innovative apps. Consequently, overwhelming the consumers to download apps for the tiniest of their chores and pushing the developers to broadcast their masterpieces of apps. Therefore, pushing both demand and supply of app install.

App Marketing started in the whispers. How to get your car out of […]

Mobile App Download Facebook Success Story : Top Health App Grows 4X – Part2

By |Thursday, February 18, 2016|Apps, Blog, Ecommerce Marketing, Mobile Advertising, PPC|

In our last blog we’ve discussed how google as a channel was used in growing this Health & Fitness App’s installs by 4x on Google. Here we reiterate the importance of how the mobile market is growing, where in late 2014 it had overtaken desktop e-commerce traffic. The marketing strategy around mobile app installs does not stop at google SEM. Facebook is also used as a prime channel to capture additional app installs. Yes, […]

Sokrati Features on BigCommerce – Targeting the Right Audience for your Ecommerce Store

By |Friday, February 12, 2016|Apps, BigCommerce, Blog, eCommerce Platforms, Instagram Ads|

A major component of Sokrati’s initiative for automating eCommerce marketing focuses on our app suite. In the last quarter, we’ve focused on creating apps that would help eCommerce stores in launching and optimizing channel specific marketing campaigns at scale. In this initiative, we’ve also rolled out channel-specific apps to eCommerce platform giants like BigCommerce.

In today’s release on BigCommerce Blog, Angie Pascale talks about how best target the right audience for your eCommerce […]

Mobile App Download Google Success Story : Top Health App Grows 4X – Part1

By |Wednesday, February 10, 2016|Apps, Blog, Ecommerce Marketing, Mobile Advertising|

The Mobile industry is growing at an exponential rate after it tipped over desktop’s digital media consumption in 2014. The Mobile app industry is contributing to this growth as more and more users are going app savvy for all their livelihood building blocks.

Take Stuart for example. On Monday, he wakes up to his health App triggering the alarm, just when he has the right amount of sleep for a healthy day! He […]

3 Apps Now Live on Shopify

By |Sunday, November 22, 2015|Apps, eCommerce Platforms, Sokrati Labs|

Three new apps went live on Shopify App Store in October

  1. Google Product Ads By Sokrati
  2. Facebook Dynamic Product Ads By Sokrati
  3. Instagram Ads By Sokrati

So far, 16 retailers have leveraged at least one of our new apps on Shopify and we look forward to grow this multi-fold in the coming months!

Stay tuned!