Speeding up the elephant : How Sokrati leverages Hadoop and Spark abstractions

By |Monday, April 27, 2015|BigData, Blog, Engineering|

It is often said that 70% of data science is about manipulating, cleaning and transforming data. Talk to any data scientist and the person will tell you that the 70% number is too optimistic. On a serious note, the science part of data scientists’ job comes in picture only after data is in a really nice vector space format for celebrated machine libraries to consume. I’ve always found that clever and intuitive features […]

The Eat Theory : Analyzing Trends of Home Delivery

By |Wednesday, January 28, 2015|BigData, Blog, Sokrati Local|

Sokrati Local provides digital marketing to over 500 restaurants all over India – driving awareness, customers & revenues on a daily basis. Leveraging its data-driven platform, we’ve identified interesting patterns in the food & restaurant category. Its fascinating to see dynamic transformation in lifestyle patterns of the urban population around the food habits, demand for different types of cuisines. Interestingly enough, the research also draws insights on cuisines […]