What is GCLID & why you should care about it?

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Meet Joey, who is a digital marketer. Joey is worried because he is not able to track conversions perfectly in Adwords. Few of his clients are having issues in placing pixels on their websites for conversion actions, while some are using 3rd party analytics services, while others have online lead generation and offline sales.

Joey is never getting the actual number of conversions that his […]

How to measure the impact of Online marketing on your Offline stores

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Before going into details about the impact of online marketing on our offline store let’s meet Tim, he has a lot of stores in many places and has been doing good business for years. But with the rise of E-commerce and change in consumer preferences, Tim also started to venture into E-commerce and invested in digital marketing to reach out to more […]

How to kickstart Mobile App Install campaigns

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You can clearly experience the rising trend of smarter phones. This in turn is assisting another trend on this wave – the rise of apps. Smaller, smarter and more innovative apps. Consequently, overwhelming the consumers to download apps for the tiniest of their chores and pushing the developers to broadcast their masterpieces of apps. Therefore, pushing both demand and supply of app install.

App Marketing started in the whispers. How to get your car out of […]

3 Steps to start using Artificial Intelligence in your Marketing Efforts

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Let’s talk about Artificial Intelligence, the biggest buzz in the world right now. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an engineer to understand these concepts. This blog aims to clarify these big terms in simple words, in order to equip marketers with all the tools to conquer the digital marketing world (minus the technical overload).

So Let’s Break It Down – What is Artificial Intelligence?

Starting off with the term that gets thrown around a […]

Why Clicks and Sessions are not friends?

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As digital marketers, all of us have faced this situation a lot of times. Every time we discover something unique and we pat our back 🙂

So, I thought let’s jot down all the possible factors which are causing the problem in Clicks and Sessions relationship. I have tried to list all the situations that I have personally faced so far, I might have missed a few. Feel free to add your’s in the comment […]

MediaPost names Merkle Search Agency of the Year

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MediaPost, an integrated publishing and conference company covering topics including media, marketing, and advertising has named Merkle as the Search Agency of the Year.

“At Merkle, success comes from a focus on data, relevance, technical efficiencies and expertise, such as being able to connect the receipt of a paper catalog with a smartphone search. It takes sophisticated technology to identify consumers across media and identify behavioral patterns with search patterns.

The process requires more than machine learning […]

How we aced Dynamic Creatives with a Weather API for Lead Generation

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Dynamic creatives are customizable ads that act as a template (or a frame), that can be used to change a part of the creative based on the targeting. For instance, with a dynamic creative, you can showcase a different ad to the audience based on their age, location, device etc. This helps in improving the audience connect, and people tend to click more on your ads.


Hotstar versus Netflix – OTT Wars in India

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Recently while investigating the user behavior of Over-The-Top (OTT) Entertainment services, I came across some data which launched me and a lot of other Sokratians into a debate –

Why is Hotstar mobile heavy (76% users) but Netflix favoring desktop (60% users)?


We dived deeper into the numbers and after several discussions and looking at some trends, we finally came across a hypothesis […]

Adwords new UI – A “Maggie” article

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I am sure you would have read a couple of blogs so far claiming the fact that “top 10 reasons to use new UI”, “hidden gems in new UI”, “7 best features of new UI” and so on and considering the catchy subject line, you would have clicked on the link to read and jump-start using them.
Ok, So I’ll be honest! I have used the word “Maggie” in my headline to catch […]

Learn about the brand new Amazon Marketing Services in India

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Amazon is the #1 e-commerce platform in India and with 1.5 Billion monthly product searches, it is the preferred destination for Indian shoppers to do their product research. In addition, 65% of the users searching are returning customers who have a significantly higher propensity to make a purchase.

While 60% of Amazon visitors start out with a search, 70% of them do not end up moving beyond the 1st page of […]