In The Driver’s Seat

By |Friday, September 15, 2017|Blog|

Have covered in my earlier blog post that employees and customers are the most important pillars of any company. Let’s now discuss the next critical pillar for a company and how we could use this knowledge for a successful scale-up of a company.

The Core Function


Sokrati Wins Google Premier Partner Award for Shopping Innovation!

By |Wednesday, August 16, 2017|Blog, Sokrati PR|

Sokrati, a leader in exceptional digital performance marketing automation and optimisation, is the winner of the Shopping Innovation Award at Google Premier Partner Awards 2017, India.

The Premier Partner Awards program, which launched globally this year, is designed to reward and recognize top-performing Premier Google Partners for their contributions to digital marketing, product innovation and client growth in 6 categories: Search, Display, Mobile, Shopping, Video and […]

Sokrati Joins Hands with Dentsu Aegis Network & Launches Merkle in India

By |Thursday, July 27, 2017|Blog, Sokrati PR, Sokrati Tech|

When we started Sokrati in 2009 little did we know how long we will last, how far we will go and how much of an impact we will have in the Indian advertising space. We were just a few vagabonds with only one desire in mind, to start our first enterprise in India and try to make it as successful as possible. We started out with a 950 sq ft office in […]

7 Pro Tips to Improve Your AdWords Landing Page Experience

By |Wednesday, July 12, 2017|Blog|

Landing page is the fundamental part of most marketing campaigns today. Their role in the Quality Score given by Google AdWords is an evidence of the same. We had always been wanting to change “below average” to “above average”. Now that Quality Score metrics have expanded to separate columns, it has become evident that Google wants us to focus more on them.

About […]

Intent vs. Impulse: The Major Driving Forces of Customer Behaviour

By |Monday, May 8, 2017|Blog|

Intent and Impulse are perhaps the two major driving forces when it comes to customer behaviour in an eCommerce environment. Understanding and capitalizing on both of these behaviours is significant to persuade and eventually sell your products.

However, if you run an eCommerce site, you would probably be aware by now that leveraging a customer’s intent and impulse in a resourceful manner is a challenging task. The psychology behind both of them is entirely different […]

Gmail Sponsored Promotions: How to Run a Successful GSP Campaign

By |Tuesday, April 11, 2017|Blog, GSP Advertising|

The digital ecosystem is growing rapidly. Demonetization has definitely acted as a catalyst to bolster this growth, while internet connectivity still poses a challenge to all the digital marketers. As the digital penetration into various audience segments grows, so are the technologies or channels to reach a consumer efficiently in different ways. Before we get into this discussion, let’s talk about the common mistakes that most advertisers make before or after they […]

Recipe for Powerful YouTube Performance Marketing

By |Wednesday, April 5, 2017|Blog|

YouTube has over a billion users — almost one-third of all people on the Internet. A platform which garners more than 30 million visitors per day. 5 billion videos are watched everyday and on an average, a view session lasts more than 40 mins.

Now as an E-commerce marketer how do you utilize YouTube as a platform to reach out to the right set of people who go on to install your app as well […]

My Learning Through Helping Companies to Scale Up

By |Friday, March 31, 2017|Blog|

Many of you have also taken the path of joining a growth-phase company and been through its roller-coaster ride, and learnt (not to leave the path, hopefully!). Much of the learning might be contextual and some may even be painfully frustrating to recall, however we’re all skilled to take the fruit and leave the chaff. An acute need for people who could help in this crucial phase of a company’s life-cycle is […]

The Dynamic World of Search Ads – Errors & Pitfalls To Avoid on DSA and DKI

By |Wednesday, March 29, 2017|Blog, Search Advertising|

Search ads are almost always the first ads to go live for any account. No other channel serves users with intent higher than search, which is why the internet is abundantly populated with literature about how to set up different type of search ads. However, as a wise man says, if there’s something equally important as knowing what to do, it’s knowing what not to do. In this post, we are going to list […]

Why You Should Not Ignore Bing Product Ads

By |Thursday, March 23, 2017|Blog, Search Advertising|

If you run an internet company, you are continuously working towards optimising your Cost of Acquisition (CAC). Obviously, you employ multitude of complex math and logic to do this. Unfortunately, under this messy garb, sometimes we miss the obvious and simple levers.

Bing Product Ads: Simple & Very Powerful

Bing Product Ads are image ads which appear to the right of Bing Ads on Bing search pages.  Here is an example of […]