Digital Marketing on E-commerce platforms Demystified

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The past decade has seen an internet boom in conjunction with the emergence of online retail, where the markets have been flooded with websites providing products from each corner of the world, for shoppers of every wallet size. E-Tailers have stopped at nothing to turn user interfaces into engagement-centric, addictive, impulse-driving experiences through intelligently designed sites and apps, diligent fulfillment and multiple checkout options. It’s not just E-Commerce businesses promoting themselves anymore […]

Launch Self Serve Campaigns with OnlineSales.ai in Under 3 Mins

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Now you can launch entire marketing campaigns in under 3 mins using the new DIY campaign launcher, just fill in 5 details & we are all set to launch!

  1. Campaign Information. Set a name for your campaign and assign a budget & the duration for which you want it to run. You also need to set an objective for your campaign, whether you want to focus on […]