Customer Churn Fixes for SaaS 101

By |Wednesday, February 22, 2017|Blog, Customer Engagement, Customer Success|

One of the most painful aspects of a SaaS product is the fast churn of its customer base. Customers tend to onboard easily, fail to adopt the product long enough to engage, and end the journey too quickly; this results in the SaaS business losing a lot of money, while weakening its reputability.

In this blog, I’ll be recommending 5 ways that’ll prevent your loyal customers from calling it quits […]

5 Ways to Drive ROI with Customer Success

By |Wednesday, December 7, 2016|Blog, Customer Engagement, Customer Success|

Customer Success is transformative and has gained significant importance over time, which is clearly evident when one looks at the Google Trends graph below.


Great companies are focusing on mastering the ‘software’ part of Software as a Service, although, the new generation of great companies are recognising the need to emphasize on the ‘service’ implied in SaaS.


The Inside Story: Ada Chikan Revives the Lost Art of Indian Chikankari Designs

By |Monday, December 5, 2016|Blog, Customer Engagement, Customer Success|

The Founder-CEO of Ada Chikan, Rhea Punjabi, speaks of her journey!

About the customer:

Ada Chikan conceptualized art of chikankari on a different, albeit traditional platform. Till the time Ada ventured into a designer wear concept, chikan was being produced and sold on ‘run of the mill’ basis. Ada, brought together the finest artisans who with their nimble fingers started crafting breath taking chikankari designs on finest fabrics which became a delightful appreciation […]

The WOW Factor in Customer Experience!

By |Wednesday, November 30, 2016|Blog, Customer Engagement, Customer Success|

A personalised, engaging customer experience is very critical to the success of any marketing initiative today. When apps have taken over websites, and machines have taken over human habits, the only way we can individualise our relations with the client is through a wise customer-management team, which will not only manage the success of a customer but also benchmarks a company’s own accomplishment.

Sokrati has built a one-stop, feature-intensive product for […]

Success Story : Remunance achieving 43% CPC drop with Gmail Sponsored Promotions

By |Friday, May 27, 2016|Blog, Customer Engagement, Customer Success|

Remunance began their journey about 10 years back with a very different mission to help companies from abroad set up their operations in India. With an increasing demand for the payroll service they studied the market and then around 5 years back they launched their salary processing service as well.

“We studied the market well and found that across India there were very few companies who were offering similar services. […]

Success Story : Whizz Kidzs solving Success Equation!

By |Thursday, May 5, 2016|Blog, Business, Customer Engagement, Customer Success|

10 years back, with an idea to make numbers and maths fun, Puja & Bimal Anand started Whizz Kidzs with 40 students in 1 center. Now, they have grown to more than 25 centers and are making maths fun for more than 4000 students. Maybe another Ramanujan is in making at Whizz Kidzs!

Bimal, the owner, decided to gain natural visibility and started promoting his business on Google Adwords .  Realizing […]

Success Story: Jemkon is expanding business multifold through Digital Advertising

By |Thursday, April 28, 2016|Blog, Customer Engagement, Customer Success|

Jemkon, one of India’s leading manufacturers of epoxy and water flooring, serves more than 500 companies. With an in-house application team and latest equipment, it assures its clients durable and cost effective flooring solutions.

“We started the company in 2011 with conventional  feet-on-the-street marketing model. And we knew merely sending sales executive on the field would not do significant wonders” says Clibe Joshva, Director at Jemkon Pvt. Ltd. Limited by the […]

Success Story : Sanjeevani Ambulance, working to save lives today… and everyday!

By |Tuesday, April 19, 2016|Blog, Customer Engagement, Customer Success|

Sanjeevani Ambulance, a Mumbai-based personal ambulance service saves numerous lives daily. The ambulances are equipped with ventilator, defibrillator, oxygen cylinder and other life-saving equipments to handle the most complex emergencies. Without fail, they make sure that the service is provided within 15 mins anywhere in the town!

Established in 2004, the company kept chugging along with the references and faced a tough competition to fulfill the urgency of demands. After experiencing a 4-year sporadic growth with market […]

The Art of Customer Success

By |Thursday, December 17, 2015|Blog, Customer Engagement, Customer Success|

“If you think client obsession is too extreme for you, too bad. Because you’ll be beaten by the competitor who embraces it.”

Irrespective of the product your company has, customer success plays a cardinal role in the company’s growth. Make sure your customers are successful and they will make sure you’re successful. It’s a win-win!

Gone are the days of traditional software as a stand-alone tool, with its historically complicated tactical methods. The emerging role of […]