Dynamic Remarketing (DRM) – A Must for E-Commerce

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Do you know that more than 90% of the people return from an e-commerce without converting from their 1st visit?

On an average more than 49% of the people take at least 2 website visits before making a purchase! Online Shopping carts are abandoned over 70% of the times. Consumers don’t eventually buy 60% of the products left in their carts! The question perplexing all the Digital Marketing Manager’s mind is […]

Google Adwords Customer Match with Ecommerce Client Data Insights & 6 Best Practices

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What is Google Adwords Customer Match Feature & Why all the Fuzz?

Google rolled out its Customer Match feature in late September 2015, a much awaited ad targeting method in response to Facebook which drove tons of customer success stories around the same last year. Till now you could only create Remarketing Lists based on cookie clusters segmented by your audience lists such as specific […]

First look at performance data from Instagram Ads

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A big boost for one of the most popular media-sharing and social networking apps, Instagram opens paid advertising to the world.

We are super excited to be one of the first folks in the country to start paid Instagram campaigns. With a few of our clients already on board, we saw incredible traction this opening weekend. Here is what we learned first-hand this week:

  1. 2X the engagement and CTRs as compared to Twitter (which we think is […]

Nurture your Emerging Products

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With the likes of Google Analytics and Omniture at their disposal, e-commerce players let data drive what works best for their digital advertising campaigns. Click through rate (CTR), Cost per lead (CPL), Cost per click (CPC), Conversions, Returns on Ad spend are common jargons that you hear and while, it may annoy a strategy evangelist, SEM experts use these as the bedrock for all campaigns they may drive.

Once the advertising campaigns go live, in […]

12 Levers You Must Experiment With On Facebook Exchange

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Keen on targeting your website visitors on Facebook? Here are 12 levers that have worked really well for us at Sokrati to achieve better CTRs and conversion rates for our clients.

1. Ad Messaging:Does your ad talk about product exclusivity, utility, design, or does it promote an offer or a discount?


Fresh from the oven: Sokrati now offers Multi Product Ads on Facebook

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Sokrati is excited to now offer Facebook’s Multi Product Ads on its Persona Ad Platform. With this ad-unit, our e-commerce clients can drive significantly better user experience resulting in higher conversion rates & revenues on the site.

Facebook has exposed Multi Product Ads only via the API and several data points suggest about 42% higher click-through rates and 45% higher conversion rates. This made it a no-brainer for us to prioritize & you’d […]

Sokrati integrates Facebook Exchange with its Retargeting Solution

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Sokrati, leader in ad technology and analytics, today announced the direct integration of its personaAds platform with Facebook Exchange. With this integration, Sokrati enables advertisers to showcase specific products individual users are most likely to purchase based on their usage patterns on the advertisers’ website – thus bringing the power of direct response advertising to Facebook.

Retargeting allows marketers to reach users who have shown interest in their brand or product. Traditionally, retargeting […]

Persona Discovery with Psychographic Targeting

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For a moment, let us forget about numbers like clicks, CTRs, CPCs and CPAs or demographic data like age range, income-levels, geography, et al. Instead, let us focus on your audience, or to be more precise, the people you are selling your products and services to. After all, your customer is, and should be, the center of your advertising universe.

Sokrati Launches personaAds: A Psychographics-based Advertising Platform

By |Wednesday, September 25, 2013|Blog, Display and Remarketing, Social Advertising|

Sokrati announced the launch of its personaAds advertising and analytics platform that marries user psychographics, creative analytics and product merchandising to reduce an advertiser’s experimentation costs by upto 80%.

The personaAds platform brings the science of offline shopping to online advertising by enabling the advertiser to focus on how different online shoppers respond to different variables such as messages, products, brands and prices. This coupled with statistical techniques such as Design of Experiments helps the advertiser experiment across all these variables at a fraction of the cost. personaAds automatically identifies relevant and custom audience personas for the advertisers’ business, generates ads based on product SKU level feeds, and identifies what creative elements drive the most ROI.