Gatekeepers and their Role in Healthy Software Development

By |Monday, October 3, 2016|Blog, Engineering|

What is a gatekeeper: A gatekeeper is a person who controls access to something […] individuals who decide whether a given message will be distributed by a mass medium.

The act of gatekeeping, in context of software development, is similar to the generic definition above – someone who acts as both a filter for feature requests and defines the future road-map for the project. This role is hugely important and […]

Code Reviews in an Agile, Fast-Paced Environment

By |Wednesday, September 28, 2016|Engineering|

This blog is part of a series that touches upon Sokrati’s tech processes. Visit our engineering blog here to view more.

Code Reviews are a tricky minefield to navigate. Many developers (especially those fresh out of college) seem to have an inherent fear of both reviewing and being reviewed.

Common concerns I’ve heard revolve around either seeming too aggressive and offending the other person(s) with a deluge of review comments or a twist on that […]

Importance of Standardizing your Big-Data

By |Tuesday, June 9, 2015|Engineering|

Digital Marketing in India has grown phenomenally over the last 5 years as a direct result of growth in eCommerce. It is not just the big eComm players who have been at the forefront, the small and medium businesses (or the long tail) have been leveraging Digital Marketing aggressively as well. What this means for a company such as Sokrati is that, in a short span of few months, the number of clients have […]

Speeding up the elephant : How Sokrati leverages Hadoop and Spark abstractions

By |Monday, April 27, 2015|BigData, Blog, Engineering|

It is often said that 70% of data science is about manipulating, cleaning and transforming data. Talk to any data scientist and the person will tell you that the 70% number is too optimistic. On a serious note, the science part of data scientists’ job comes in picture only after data is in a really nice vector space format for celebrated machine libraries to consume. I’ve always found that clever and intuitive features […]

Database Selection and Scaling

By |Wednesday, April 15, 2015|Engineering, Sokrati Tech|

At Sokrati, we just love tech talks and discussions with like-minded folks, from startups and otherwise. We started a tradition of hosting technical talks every Wednesday evening and it has been going strong for a few years now. We are always rooting for an open forum in Pune for developers and subject experts to come together and exchange ideas. The recently launched ‘Sokrati Tech Speaker Series’ is a logical culmination of the internal tech […]

A history of Hades – Flexviews to the rescue!

By |Tuesday, November 11, 2014|Blog, Engineering|

By late 2013, our ACL service, Hades, needed a revamp. Sokrati had had a great year and the number of clients and agencies we were working with had exponentially increased. This web service handles authentication of apps and users and helps us manage all sorts of mappings (users to clients and agencies, clients to agencies, apps to app contexts, etc.). This might sound like a typical ACL service and in many ways, it is, […]

Sokrati released Athena!

By |Friday, November 7, 2014|Blog, Engineering|

Sokrati released Athena, its our own data warehouse as a service.

Some history:

Sokrati deals with a lot of data (20TB+), each team used to worry about scaling up their databases and similar problems were faced by them. Setting up a new shard for a database, migrating data between shards was a problem and a nightmarish activity. On business front, analytics team would wait forever to fetch the data, they would have to come up with […]