Industry Report: Google Shopping Trends in India

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In 2012, Google introduced a new type of search ad – a more visual and appealing, and one that would dominate search advertising across the globe in the years to come. Google Shopping Ads, previously known as Product Listing Ads is currently revolutionising search advertising across E-Commerce marketers of every size. The image format of the ad, its seamless integration with search engines, and its preference for being clicked by online shoppers, […]

5 blogs not to miss if you run Google Shopping Ads (Product Listing Ads)

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Take Google Shopping to the Next Level : Power of Image Optimization in eCommerce

The first thing that a potential buyer looks at when your product ad shows up is the product image. Hence, image optimizations is one of the simplest and the best investment of your time to improve CTRs. There are various hacks that can be implemented to get better CTRs. For example,a zoomed in image to […]

Google Shopping Ads 101: How to get started.

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Google Shopping Ads also known as Product Listing Ads offer online marketers and e-retailers an excellent platform to showcase their products, reach out to their audience and increase their brand’s visibility.

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping acts as an online price comparison platform. It allows people to search for products on different online sites and compare prices between different vendors.

Launched in 2002, Google Shopping Ads was originally a standalone feature but later moved […]

Nurture your Emerging Products

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With the likes of Google Analytics and Omniture at their disposal, e-commerce players let data drive what works best for their digital advertising campaigns. Click through rate (CTR), Cost per lead (CPL), Cost per click (CPC), Conversions, Returns on Ad spend are common jargons that you hear and while, it may annoy a strategy evangelist, SEM experts use these as the bedrock for all campaigns they may drive.

Once the advertising campaigns go live, in […]

How To Start Marketing Your Online Store with PPC

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You’ve got your online store up and running. You’ve got a great product. You’ve got a great website. All you need is for those first few sales to start rolling in. But somehow, despite all the emails you sent out and the links on social media, visitors are few and far in between. Transactions, more so. You’re looking for the best way to market your online store.

Pay-per-click marketing can be a valuable channel […]

Google Shopping Campaigns – Are you doing it right ?

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Google Shopping Campaigns are like icebergs – the surface looks simple to get started with: just upload your products catalog, create a Shopping Campaign and you are good to go! But the real work (and pain) starts after you have completed this. The way you treat your products, how you optimize their details, and what you do to make them stand out from the crowd is what makes or breaks a Shopping Campaign. […]