Gmail Sponsored Promotions: How to Run a Successful GSP Campaign

By |Tuesday, April 11, 2017|Blog, GSP Advertising|

The digital ecosystem is growing rapidly. Demonetization has definitely acted as a catalyst to bolster this growth, while internet connectivity still poses a challenge to all the digital marketers. As the digital penetration into various audience segments grows, so are the technologies or channels to reach a consumer efficiently in different ways. Before we get into this discussion, let’s talk about the common mistakes that most advertisers make before or after they […]

4 Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) strategies to build your brand without breaking the bank

By |Tuesday, July 8, 2014|Blog, GSP Advertising|

Building market share from the ground up can be difficult for any new entrant into an established industry. Top of the funnel activities like display advertising can accelerate brand awareness but yield very little in terms of direct response and transactions. On the other hand, paid search ads are limited by the number of searches in the given geography and are rarely viewed by loyal users of larger competitors. Gmail Sponsored Promotions […]