Person before Personalization: Understanding your audiences with People Based Marketing

By |Wednesday, March 13, 2019|Blog, Martech|

The Analogy

The relationship between sellers and buyers is not very different than human relationships towards one another. All of them expect to be understood by the rest, seek attention by the rest, demand appropriate acknowledgment and responsiveness by the rest.  

Market demands the incorporation of such surreal human valued approach in the advertising industry as well.  

“According to Forrester Research, 94 percent of marketers are focusing on building better, […]

Building a Marketing Data Platform for Fox Star Studios

By |Monday, October 1, 2018|Martech|

Fox Star Studios along with Merkle Sokrati built a Marketing Data Platform that can envisage varied audience personas and capture the many facets of the audience’s purchase journey through a digital campaign.

The MDP ties in data from across digital platforms be that organic or inorganic and displays it on the dashboard on a day-on-day basis. “As the platform is fed more data from movie releases Fox Star Studios will be in a position to […]

7 AI Trends Every Marketer Should Know in 2018

By |Thursday, February 15, 2018|Artificial Intelligence, Blog, Martech, Social Takeover|

When it comes to marketing and advertising, a lot of brands are leveraging the data about their users but to a person without a technical background, it becomes a little difficult understanding artificial intelligence, implementing and leveraging its advantages. So what is it all about?

AI or Artificial Intelligence or what we know as “Skynet” from Terminator & “Ultron” from Avengers, thanks to Hollywood. Or our very own Rajinikanth’s Chitti.


3 Steps to start using Artificial Intelligence in your Marketing Efforts

By |Tuesday, February 6, 2018|Artificial Intelligence, Blog, Martech|

Let’s talk about Artificial Intelligence, the biggest buzz in the world right now. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an engineer to understand these concepts. This blog aims to clarify these big terms in simple words, in order to equip marketers with all the tools to conquer the digital marketing world (minus the technical overload).

So Let’s Break It Down – What is Artificial Intelligence?

Starting off with the term that gets thrown around a […]