What is GCLID & why you should care about it?

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Image Sources: Google, Adwords UI

Meet Joey, who is a digital marketer. Joey is worried because he is not able to track conversions perfectly in Adwords. Few of his clients are having issues in placing pixels on their websites for conversion actions, while some are using 3rd party analytics services, while others have online lead generation and offline sales.

Joey is never getting the actual number of conversions that his […]

Current Trends You Need to Know about the Indian E-Commerce Industry

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[31/01/17] Our Q3 2016 industry report on Indian E-Commerce trends is now live! View the full report here.

[25/10/16] Our Q2 2016 industry report on Google Shopping trends is now live! View the full report here.

India is a massive E-Commerce marketplace now with every age group comfortably transacting online – more often preferring shopping online instead of visiting offline stores for […]

Custom Reporting for Ad Creatives, Devices & App Installs

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Custom Reporting for Ad Creatives, Devices & App Installs

Canned Reports help you figure out new insights from slicing & dicing data across multiple dimensions & matrices. You can select the date range, the ad channels, dimensions & matrices & our system fetches analytics for all such ad creatives, devices & App installs ( if selected ).

  1. Ad Creatives Report. This report showcases top 10 performing ad creatives in […]

Daily Email Digest with Performance Summary

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We know you’re busy with so many other marketing activities, so at Sokrati we automated our daily reports that will come to you everyday with the latest highlights of your accounts performance. This email reporting is extremely simple and has two sections –

  1. Account at a glance – This gives you a snapshot of top level matrices in your account like spend, transactions & conversion rates. The slope highlights the performance […]

December 2015 Monthly Digest : New Apps, Customized Reporting & Upcoming Releases

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We’re glad to announce a ton of new releases this November & upcoming roll outs for December. Last month we focused on creating a self serve platform, making it completely DIY. We introduced new apps on several e-commerce platforms like Shopify & Bigcommerce that help you automate channel specific Ad campaigns like Facebook, Google Search & Google Shopping. Further we’ve made custom reporting kick ass & shareable through emails. Keep reading for […]

Detailed Reporting

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Introducing more detailed reports under the ‘Reports’ tab on Sokrati Shops. It is all about diving in deeper with reports that slice and dice across dimensions and metrics.

Below is an example of one such report:

Top ad creatives report for Facebook and Instagram:

  • See top performing 10 ads on Facebook & Instagram
  • Preview the actual ad
  • See the ad’s target audience
  • Analyze the ad’s spend, impressions, clicks and conversion rates

All this in a single report-type!