The Dynamic World of Search Ads – Errors & Pitfalls To Avoid on DSA and DKI

By |Wednesday, March 29, 2017|Blog, Search Advertising|

Search ads are almost always the first ads to go live for any account. No other channel serves users with intent higher than search, which is why the internet is abundantly populated with literature about how to set up different type of search ads. However, as a wise man says, if there’s something equally important as knowing what to do, it’s knowing what not to do. In this post, we are going to list […]

Why You Should Not Ignore Bing Product Ads

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If you run an internet company, you are continuously working towards optimising your Cost of Acquisition (CAC). Obviously, you employ multitude of complex math and logic to do this. Unfortunately, under this messy garb, sometimes we miss the obvious and simple levers.

Bing Product Ads: Simple & Very Powerful

Bing Product Ads are image ads which appear to the right of Bing Ads on Bing search pages.  Here is an example of […]

How to Make the Most of Google’s Expanded Text Ads

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Google’s Expanded Text Ads have been at marketer’s disposal for a few months now and the overall feedback has been quite positive. While we have already covered Google’s Expanded Text Ads in our earlier blog post – this blog will serve as extension to it as we describe our experience with Google’s new ad format and how Sokrati is effectively using them to get higher CTRs.

Google launched a New […]

Dynamic Remarketing (DRM) – A Must for E-Commerce

By |Tuesday, August 9, 2016|Blog, Display and Remarketing, Ecommerce Marketing, Search Advertising|

Do you know that more than 90% of the people return from an e-commerce without converting from their 1st visit?

On an average more than 49% of the people take at least 2 website visits before making a purchase! Online Shopping carts are abandoned over 70% of the times. Consumers don’t eventually buy 60% of the products left in their carts! The question perplexing all the Digital Marketing Manager’s mind is […]

Digital Marketing on E-commerce platforms Demystified

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The past decade has seen an internet boom in conjunction with the emergence of online retail, where the markets have been flooded with websites providing products from each corner of the world, for shoppers of every wallet size. E-Tailers have stopped at nothing to turn user interfaces into engagement-centric, addictive, impulse-driving experiences through intelligently designed sites and apps, diligent fulfillment and multiple checkout options. It’s not just E-Commerce businesses promoting themselves anymore […]

Google’s Expanded Text Ads: 5 Things You Should Know.

By |Wednesday, May 11, 2016|Blog, PPC, Search Advertising|

Google’s Adwords has been the platform of choice for business of all sizes looking to advertise on the internet. This advertising platform has evolved with time adding a few features, deleting some and providing more value for all involved. For all those interested, the newest change under way is Google’s Expanded Text Ads.

What are Google’s Expanded Text Ads?

Don’t confuse expanded text ads with text ad extensions. The latter is that […]

Nurture your Emerging Products

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With the likes of Google Analytics and Omniture at their disposal, e-commerce players let data drive what works best for their digital advertising campaigns. Click through rate (CTR), Cost per lead (CPL), Cost per click (CPC), Conversions, Returns on Ad spend are common jargons that you hear and while, it may annoy a strategy evangelist, SEM experts use these as the bedrock for all campaigns they may drive.

Once the advertising campaigns go live, in […]

10 PPC Strategies that Boost Conversion, not just CTR

By |Wednesday, March 11, 2015|Blog, PPC, Search Advertising|

Apart from the long going debate on whether PPC is actually a good channel to spend; no matter what you sell the power of PPC just cannot be ignored. Whether you are into something as common as shoes and clothes or something offbeat like industrial goods, you can always figure a way to reach the right audience with PPC.

Every Industry, Category and Product type may demand a unique mix of PPC strategies that […]

How To Start Marketing Your Online Store with PPC

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You’ve got your online store up and running. You’ve got a great product. You’ve got a great website. All you need is for those first few sales to start rolling in. But somehow, despite all the emails you sent out and the links on social media, visitors are few and far in between. Transactions, more so. You’re looking for the best way to market your online store.

Pay-per-click marketing can be a valuable channel […]

4 Reasons why we still love Dynamic Search Ads (and you should too!)

By |Thursday, August 14, 2014|Blog, Search Advertising|

Recently in a coffee-time conversation with one of our account managers, we were casually discussing the reasons of success on a campaign we’re currently running. He was telling me how Dynamic Search Ads was key to the success of this AdWords campaign delivering an impressive performance. He went on to explain how one of the reasons for success was the fact that the channel’s website churned out relevant content fairly frequently, keeping pace […]