We are Certified Snapchat Gold Partners!

By |Wednesday, March 21, 2018|Blog, Snapchat, Social Advertising|

We’ve got some Snaptastic News!

Merkle Sokrati is proud to announce that we’re now Certified Snapchat Gold Partners!

Jumping at the chance to explore a brand new channel, in a short span of 5 months, the ever-enthusiastic Social team has received some phenomenal feedback not only from our clients but also from the Snapchat team itself!

Being certified as a Gold partner adds the cherry to the cake. Not only does it come with bragging rights in the […]

How will Whatsapp Business fit in your Marketing Mix for the Indian Consumer?

By |Tuesday, March 6, 2018|Blog, Social Advertising, Whatsapp|

For most of us, WhatsApp is the most popular app on our phones. Over the years, it has added a lot of cool features – emojis, video calling, day-long statuses, etc., making it an irreplaceable and prime form of communication. In India itself, the app caught on like rapid fire, adding up to about 200 million active users as of Feb ‘17. WhatsApp found out that 80% of Indian SMEs already […]

How to kickstart Mobile App Install campaigns

By |Thursday, February 8, 2018|Apps, Blog, Campaign Launcher, Google Advertising, Social Advertising|

You can clearly experience the rising trend of smarter phones. This in turn is assisting another trend on this wave – the rise of apps. Smaller, smarter and more innovative apps. Consequently, overwhelming the consumers to download apps for the tiniest of their chores and pushing the developers to broadcast their masterpieces of apps. Therefore, pushing both demand and supply of app install.

App Marketing started in the whispers. How to get your car out of […]

What in Facebook Ads Appeals to the Affluent Indian Audience?

By |Tuesday, December 13, 2016|Blog, Facebook Ads, Social Advertising|

Facebook claims that it can advertise to about 4 million affluent Indians. If you are a Facebook marketer, at some point, you have surely tried to target the Affluent Indians, online. Be it through selecting interests like ‘iOS users’ or ‘audience with Affinity for High Value Goods in India’ or ‘Frequent Business Travellers’ or ‘CXOs’ or ‘Investors’ – you’ve surely […]

Sokrati Badged as Facebook’s Ad-Tech Partner in India!

By |Wednesday, December 7, 2016|Blog, Facebook Ads, Sokrati PR|

Pune, India, December 2016: Sokrati announces becoming badged Facebook Marketing Partners in the Ad Tech category in India! 

This is a leap for a digital agency in India, with technology built entirely in India. It’s not just pure performance success measures of client brands that was taken into account to qualify, but the automation tools, incorporation of simplified features, and sheer innovation for marketers complimenting what Facebook offers, that has sealed this alliance. Overall, […]

10 Best Practices for Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

By |Wednesday, October 19, 2016|Blog, Facebook Ads, Social Advertising|

‘People don’t go to Facebook to make decisions, but to avoid making them!’

True, right?

However, with the new ad format introduced by Facebook – Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), advertisers can now capture the users at their intent. Advertisers can now target specific groups of people with highly relevant ads that match where the user is within the sales channel.

How does it work?


Most Recommended Branding Activities on Facebook

By |Tuesday, October 18, 2016|Blog, Facebook Ads, Social Advertising|

I am sure you must have heard the famous saying – ‘Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not around’. I think that one statement pretty much sums the answer to the question “Why branding is important?” As a quick example, Amul as a brand would not have been so exorbitantly famous without the little girl mascot and the perfect catch phrases they use for contemporary events. […]

10 Quick Tips to Conquer Social Media Advertising This Festive Season!

By |Monday, October 17, 2016|Blog, Facebook Ads, Social Advertising|

It’s time for all business owners to acknowledge the truth; social media advertising is here to stay – and it’s getting bigger and better every day. With super accurate targeting, it’s even more useful than ever.

But one must never get carried away and follow the race. Instead, sit back and think what makes you different, and what you are trying to achieve against your investment and business goals.

Here Are 10 […]

Best Branding & Sustenance Practices on Social Channels

By |Thursday, September 8, 2016|Blog, Facebook Ads, Social Advertising|

If audiences can’t easily distinguish you from your competitors then it’s time to step your game and start positioning your business to stand out on Facebook!

Here we are with some branding musts that will make your business easy to spot and impossible to forget.

Reach and Frequency Ads

  • Here you can block your ad inventory which will ensure guaranteed reach […]

Digital Marketing on E-commerce platforms Demystified

By |Tuesday, May 31, 2016|BigCommerce, Blog, Campaign Launcher, Ecommerce Marketing, eCommerce Platforms, Magento, Marketing For Online Stores, Mobile Advertising, Search Advertising, Shopify, Social Advertising|

The past decade has seen an internet boom in conjunction with the emergence of online retail, where the markets have been flooded with websites providing products from each corner of the world, for shoppers of every wallet size. E-Tailers have stopped at nothing to turn user interfaces into engagement-centric, addictive, impulse-driving experiences through intelligently designed sites and apps, diligent fulfillment and multiple checkout options. It’s not just E-Commerce businesses promoting themselves anymore […]