Sokrati Launches Intuitive Actionable Reports

By |Thursday, March 10, 2016|Sokrati Labs|

We understand the value for actionable insights to your business and have given special emphasis to detailed reporting that is readily available on your dashboard. Insights help you summarize performance and plan decisions proactively for your marketing campaigns.

We’re happy to announce the launch of 5 top reports going live this March:

Predicting Seasonality Insights:

Our detailed seasonality reports help you slice & dice major metrics like transactions, […]

Sokrati Live goes Mobile, Email Remarketing beta is Out, Facebook DPA updates & more!

By |Thursday, January 14, 2016|Facebook Ads, Sokrati Labs|

Wish you a fantastic 2016! At Sokrati, we signed off an awesome 2015 with a promise to make 2016 the most productive year ever by delivering amazing features for our retailers at much faster pace. Here’s a quick summary of last month; we saw great traction on Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads and also launched Email Marketing in private beta. Sign up on these features if you haven’t already. And a lot’s cooking in our […]

Facebook, Instagram & Google Shopping Apps Now on Shopify & Bigcommerce

By |Friday, December 11, 2015|Sokrati Labs|

We’ve launched 3 channel specific apps that will help you set up & manage ad spend in Facebook, Google Shopping & Instagram, with some killer automation:

  1. Facebook Dynamic Product Ads by Sokrati. Now don’t just add your entire product catalog to Facebook & pray for results, Sokrati chooses the best products based on past site behavior & Industry data to target the right audience sets for optimized conversions.
  2. […]

Launch Self Serve Campaigns with OnlineSales.ai in Under 3 Mins

By |Friday, December 11, 2015|Campaign Launcher, Sokrati Labs|

Now you can launch entire marketing campaigns in under 3 mins using the new DIY campaign launcher, just fill in 5 details & we are all set to launch!

  1. Campaign Information. Set a name for your campaign and assign a budget & the duration for which you want it to run. You also need to set an objective for your campaign, whether you want to focus on […]

Custom Reporting for Ad Creatives, Devices & App Installs

By |Friday, December 11, 2015|Reporting, Sokrati Labs|

Custom Reporting for Ad Creatives, Devices & App Installs

Canned Reports help you figure out new insights from slicing & dicing data across multiple dimensions & matrices. You can select the date range, the ad channels, dimensions & matrices & our system fetches analytics for all such ad creatives, devices & App installs ( if selected ).

  1. Ad Creatives Report. This report showcases top 10 performing ad creatives in […]

Daily Email Digest with Performance Summary

By |Friday, December 11, 2015|Reporting, Sokrati Labs|

We know you’re busy with so many other marketing activities, so at Sokrati we automated our daily reports that will come to you everyday with the latest highlights of your accounts performance. This email reporting is extremely simple and has two sections –

  1. Account at a glance – This gives you a snapshot of top level matrices in your account like spend, transactions & conversion rates. The slope highlights the performance […]

December 2015 Monthly Digest : New Apps, Customized Reporting & Upcoming Releases

By |Friday, December 11, 2015|Reporting, Sokrati Labs, Upcoming|

We’re glad to announce a ton of new releases this November & upcoming roll outs for December. Last month we focused on creating a self serve platform, making it completely DIY. We introduced new apps on several e-commerce platforms like Shopify & Bigcommerce that help you automate channel specific Ad campaigns like Facebook, Google Search & Google Shopping. Further we’ve made custom reporting kick ass & shareable through emails. Keep reading for […]

Upcoming in November 2015

By |Sunday, November 22, 2015|Sokrati Labs, Upcoming|

A sneak-peak on what’s cooking for November 2015

More detailed reports:

Retailers with Sokrati will now enjoy several detailed reports like

  • Device performance reports for each marketing channel
  • Mobile app install performance
  • Audience report (e.g. by age & gender)
  • Seasonality reports (e.g. time of day, day of week, etc)

Daily performance summary in your inbox:

Retailers will soon start receiving performance summary via email on a daily basis. It will not only summarize previous day’s performance but also provide fresh projections against […]

Detailed Reporting

By |Sunday, November 22, 2015|Reporting, Sokrati Labs|

Introducing more detailed reports under the ‘Reports’ tab on Sokrati Shops. It is all about diving in deeper with reports that slice and dice across dimensions and metrics.

Below is an example of one such report:

Top ad creatives report for Facebook and Instagram:

  • See top performing 10 ads on Facebook & Instagram
  • Preview the actual ad
  • See the ad’s target audience
  • Analyze the ad’s spend, impressions, clicks and conversion rates

All this in a single report-type!


3 Apps Now Live on Shopify

By |Sunday, November 22, 2015|Apps, eCommerce Platforms, Sokrati Labs|

Three new apps went live on Shopify App Store in October

  1. Google Product Ads By Sokrati
  2. Facebook Dynamic Product Ads By Sokrati
  3. Instagram Ads By Sokrati

So far, 16 retailers have leveraged at least one of our new apps on Shopify and we look forward to grow this multi-fold in the coming months!

Stay tuned!