Campus Recruitment In The Digital Age

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How do you run campus recruitment for 500 students from 10 Tier-1 colleges all across the country without leaving your chair?

This is a process we used at Sokrati and we think it could be useful for any company who would like to recruit from various institutions without incurring much expense.

The Challenge

1.    Efficiently manage time of interviewers

2.    Efficiently manage time within the recruitment window offered by universities

3.    Minimize travel costs

4.    Cover multiple universities

5.    Reinforce the Sokrati image as evangelists of innovative technologies

So how did our HR team pull this off?

Twitter Advertising Joins The #SelfServe Bandwagon

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Long time pending, but here it is at last! Twitter has now opened up its self-serve advertising platform to marketers.


Facebook Launches ‘Partner Categories’

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A bit of news that has got marketers excited is Facebook’s new self-serve targeting feature called Partner Categories (currently available only in US markets), which will allow advertisers to target their ads more effectively by using the audiences’ non – Facebook data and also offline purchase data. Using data from Facebook’s research partners, Partner Categories provides advertisers with almost 500 ‘unique audience groups’ to target their ads on.