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Ecommerce brands have different teams to manage their online and offline campaigns but their audience usually the same. It is essential that the teams work in tandem to communicate the same message across all mediums.

At Sokrati, we understand these intrinsic needs of the offering and work as an extended version of the internal team helping brands project a unified image.


Increasing ROI

Scaling up online sales and simultaneously increasing returns on digital spends can prove to be the biggest challenge for a growing e-commerce enterprise. This can further be aggravated by multiple objectives for digital marketing campaigns – online sales, app installs, LTV increase.

New Customer Acquisition

Online Shoppers are aversive to buying a high ticket item from a new platform. Product pricing can be a major factor for first time purchasers who compare products across different websites before making a purchase.


End of season sales and festive discounts are the biggest test of retention. Even the most frequent customers can change loyalties to your competitor offering better discounts. This is also the time when all your competitors are bidding for the most premium ad inventory, further shooting up the marketing costs in addition to already low margins post discounts.

Our Solution

With Google Search bids increasing to sky high levels we have been able to provide for our customers the highest value
for their monies by efficiently structuring the campaigns for maximum efficiency combined with deploying demographic based targeting.
We like to call this Performance Branding – an exercise to efficiently increase brand awareness and drive performance from the same.

Right product to the right user at right time

A weighted bidding strategy targeting fine-grained re-marketing lists basis funnel stage and recency

SKU Intelligence for marketing

Promoting low AOV and high margin products for first time purchases by targeting very broad search queries significantly increases sales volumes.

Customer Cohort Analysis

An exhaustive user cohort analysis helps you identify and woo your hero customers with custom messaging and promotions to reduce dormancy and increase their LTV

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