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Entertainment as a service was pioneered by Netflix in 1997 and Youtube in 2005. Internet Television has since come to revolutionise in India with Netflix, Hotstar, Voot and recently, Amazon Prime taking over a massive population preferring I-TV over its boxed grandparent. Many media houses and startups alike are building standalone websites and apps, or creating content under a subscription model within Youtube.


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With almost everyone in the entertainment industry launching their own mobile app, the competition is fierce. Original and exclusive content becomes the major differentiator to build a loyal viewer base.

Long decision making funnel

The most sought-after content is readily available online for free. With lack of strong anti-piracy enforcement in India, it becomes a challenge for the producers to effectively monetize their content. Although illegal, many users would prefer downloading free content via torrents instead of subscribing to video content delivery apps.

App Retention

The entertainment industry has one of the highest app uninstall rates approaching as high as 70%.

Regional Languages

The demand for regional content has shot up due to the phenomenal increase in the use of smartphones and affordable Internet packages. Indian internet users in vernacular languages have grown from 42 million in 2011 to 234 million in 2016.

The Sokrati Way

We have watched this space evolve and have helped build it. Being Partners to some of the biggest OTT platforms in the country, we have come to build an incredible set of specific products and solutions in-house, that have helped our partners launch, stick, and scale.

Effective Ad Messaging

After extensive A/B testing, we’ve found creatives and ad messaging promoting specific shows and episodes work better than generic messaging around the app or channel

Contextual Ad Placement

Targeting the free video content downloaders at the right time eg. Taboola inventory on the uTorrent downloader.

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App Engagement

Understanding the audience behavior and patterns to push content and manage spends on different media in the most cost effective method eg. recent episodes of their favorite show, video suggestions based on previous watch history

Vernacular Language Support

Vernacular Ad copies to meet the increasing demand for video content in regional languages

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