ROI from Facebook Ads made Awesome for Online Retailers

Catalog Awareness + Custom Personas + Relevant Creatives + Intelligent Automation = Incredible ROI

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Facebook Ads Clients for Sokrati Product Ads

Custom & Relevant Audience Clusters Built For Your Product Catalog

Sokrati segments the audience on Facebook programmatically based on its demographics, interest & product affinity

Facebook Ads Relevant Audience Clusters

Product Groups in your Catalog are uniquely mapped with exclusive Audience Clusters

Sokrati ensures that every unique set of products in your catalog has a very specific Audience Cluster to target – at scale

Facebook Ads Exclusive Audience Clusters

1000s of beautiful & smart creatives are generated in matter of minutes!

Sokrati optimizes every component of the creative based on the product + audience map and historic performance data

Facebook Ads Enhance Product Image

Sokrati enhances each product image in your catalog by analyzing & optimizing for product color, background color, white-space in the product shot – to name a few.

A/B testing different creatives is done in the most scientific manner at Sokrati – by testing individual image components & messaging components.

Facebook Ads A/B testing
Facebook Ads Intelligent Rotating

Sokrati avoids ad creative fatigue (over exposure of the an ad to the same set of users) by intelligently rotating different products, images and messaging – thereby increasing CTRs by over 40%.

Real-time optimizations ensures the best yield from your marketing dollars

50+ Predictive & Real-Time Optimizations are deployed that work seamlessly to get you closer to your ROI goals

Sokrati Facebook Ads Real Time Optimization

Stay ahead of competition with the latest offerings from Facebook Ads Platform

Sokrati is always a first among firsts for integrating newest features, making way for bold and intelligent experimentation

Sokrati Helps Caratlane Achieve 1.5X Better Conversion Rate During Festive Season.

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