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5X Improvement in iOS installs
Redefining industry benchmarks with Sokrati

Dynamic Product Ads & Mobile App Install campaigns gave us an innovative way to showcase our offerings and effectively reach new audiences. It also gave us extensive re-marketing tools to increase RoAS. Team Sokrati has proven to be great growth partners; they have been working with us closely to form and execute complex strategies while capitalizing the channel for us. The team constantly ideates to optimize our catalog’s potential and help us earn improved revenues.

2X Increase in Revenue
Using Persona-Mapping Techniques to Trigger Instant Conversions

We effectively leveraged Facebook’s core , look alike and custom audiences with Sokrati to meet our goals of growing new acquistions and repeat buyers.

Siddharth Kapoor
Sr. Vice President, Marketing & Product Management

Sokrati’s search, social and PLA ads produce consistent sales. The best part is that everything happens automatically so you don’t have to do anything to get started. Can’t wait to get more features from these guys!

Bharat Sethi
Founder & CEO
6X Increase in Product Coverage
Setting New Industry Benchmarks with Product Listing Ads

Google Shopping gives us the opportunity to promote our full product lines and gauge what online customers are truly searching for, and which products capture their attention and interest.

Ravi Sekhar KV
Head of Digital Marketing
4.8X Increase in web Transactions
Reducing Cost per new user acquisition with Sokrati

Sokrati has been like an extension of our in-house digital team, working out opportunities to boost performance day in and out on google platform. They have been instrumental in designing campaigns which were efficient in scaling up new user acquisition on both web and app. The team constantly monitored and innovated to deliver growth at an optimized acquisition cost. It has truly been a pleasure to work with team Sokrati.

Sagar Kochhar, Sr.VP Marketing, Faasos
6X Increase in Product Coverage
Headphone Zone gets heard with Google AdWords

The road ahead is really defined by the attachment rate, which is how many people in India who have a smart phone in India have a high quality headphone too, to listen to music. Currently the attachment rate of mobile phone to headphone in India is at 0.1 percent while compared to Japan, which is at 13 percent. As this number continues to rise over the next one year, we are going to continue to build our capability to cater to this appetite for music.

Raghav Somani, Founder & CEO of Headphone Zone
595% Increase in downloads at 57% less cost
LINE drives incremental downloads at non-incremental costs, by enabling a 595% increase in downloads at 57% less cost.

Sokrati has been a delightful partner to work with for over two years now, and have built digital assets for us quarter-on-quarter. The team has stayed vigilant and careful with all our objectives, and have brought in innovation in strategy while achieving them.

Rajat Gupta
Head of Customer Acquisition, LINE Corp India
93% Costs to run Ads were slashed
GoPetPlan becomes a verb for pet insurance seekers in the US.

It’s refreshing to work with an agency that sets a high bar for their SLAs. Sokrati’s turn-around time is excellent, far better than we’ve received from past partners. They’ve helped us stay on top despite rapidly escalating competition in our industry.

Ryan Ireland
Director of Interactive Marketing, Petplan Pet Insurance, North America
10X Downloads in 5 Months
Multiplying the Convoy’s Reach Throughout the Country

Sokrati’s guidance, detail oriented approach and technology-enabled capabilities, complemented by their speed in launching campaigns helped Ola with improved mind share and an exponential increase in downloads.

Sudarshan Gangrade
VP- Marketing and Strategic, Partnerships

Setting-up and launching the marketing campaigns has been effortless. Sokrati’s dashboard simplifies analysis of cross-channel performance, and has enabled me to compare and measure metric from metric, giving me complete visibility.

Dhruv Agarwal
5X Improvements in iOS Installs
Building a Competitive Edge with Cross-Channel Positioning and Automation

Sokrati spend our money as their own, ensuring every bit counts, having gone two steps beyond any partner we have worked with.

Anirudh Kumar
AVP Online Marketing
66% Lesser cost-per-install (CPI)
Keeping customer acquisition costs low and ensuring high lifetime worth of the acquired users.

Sokrati’s depth of knowledge and industry expertise sets them apart from other agencies. They understood our business, users and goals in depth and delivered a phenomenal growth on both Facebook and Google. The team knows when to turn what lever to achieve the desired scale within optimum spends. Sokrati is helping Swiggy revolutionize the way India eats.

Ashish Verma
AVP Marketing, Swiggy

50% More Conversions in 2 Months
Strategised Scale with a Mobile-First Approach

Sokrati is helping us achieve our aggressive targets. Their data-driven approach aligns with Coverfox’ requirement for detailed statistics.

Siddesh Kerkar
Head- Online Marketing
5X Growth in RoAs in 5 months
Sokrati helps Dapper Shoes Penetrate a competitive market and achieves 5X growth in 5 months with Facebook

We sell a vast variety of shoes and running effective ad campaigns for our entire product line across multiple channels was posing to be a problem much beyond the scope of our small in-house marketing team. This is when we decided to try Sokrati for E-Commerce, and we’re really happy with our decision.Sokrati integrated directly with our website’s catalog and made it super easy for our team to manage our product feed and ad campaigns across channels like Google Shopping, Search, Display, Facebook et al. With Sokrati in control of our performance marketing automation, we’ve seen an unprecedented growth of 4 to 5X in RoAS in the last 5 months. Their account management team has been super supportive in ensuring we make the most of the platform.

Dhruv Bhalla
Co-Founder, 3DM Luxury & Lifestyle LLP
50% Increase in Repeat Customers
Indiacircus achieves all-time low CPA with Sokrati Optimizers

With the help of Sokrati’s intelligence, relevant maps were created between our products and subsets of our custom and lookalike audiences. This, coupled with Sokrati’s ROI Optimizers we achieved all-time low CPAs. Sokrati is on our side and has helped us scale to where we are.

Hadi Curtay
Co-Founder & Director, IndiaCircus
40% Less CPA in 6 Months
Bringing Scale and Stability with an Intent-Driven Structure

Sokrati has helped make our online insurance product a success in the digital channel. The strategy and product optimizations done have clearly been a success driver for us!

Joydeep Sanyal
AVP Marketing

As a young and fragile eCommerce player, it’s vital to depend on growth partners wisely – because it makes or breaks you. Sokrati’s perfect combination of a powerful automation platform and a super responsive customer success team have always kept our paid marketing efforts on a positive trajectory! I would strongly recommend Sokrati to anyone who is in search of a powerful digital platform that actually delivers a bang for your buck.

Rajat Raina
133% Increase in Conversions
Scaling conversions with Sokrati

Sokrati’s one marketing platform with its intelligent features helped us to optimize our Google ad campaigns in a very smart way and guided us to achieve our targets in no time. Their Customer Success team was always helpful and very responsive.

Manit Nagrani
Founder & CEO at
2X Growth in Limited Time & Budget
Boosting Repeat Transactions Without Purchase Triggers

We effectively leveraged Sokrati’s OMP to meet our goal of growing new acquisitions and repeat buyers with limited investments, while maintaining a high AOV.

Shuchi Pandya
2x Increase in App Engagement
Wooplr focuses on app installs and long term app engagement.

Facebook has been our top acquisition and engagement channel from the very beginning. Facebook provided the most unique features and diverse options to reach out to our exact audience, in the most relevant way. With help from Sokrati, we’ve consistently acquired the highest quality users and kept our cost per install well below the targeted range.

Mr. Praveen Rajaretnam
Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Wooplr

With excellent resources and automation available to us, we have been successful in figuring out the right marketing mix for our business to help boost our ROI. Prompt responses and interactions, coupled with Sokratis’s extensive knowledge and experience about industry trends have helped us stay ahead.

Aditya S
Marketing Manager
50% Reduction in Cost per Lead
Askmebazaar wanted to rapidly scale up transaction volumes without deviating from their existing costs. It underwent portrayal evolutions and needed to rapidly scale into a brand to reckon with.

Sokrati has helped us scale to where we are today, over the past almost 3 years, having managed all our lines of businesses digitally. It has been an extremely successful partnership and relationship with Sokrati.

Sanjiv Gupta
Executive Chairman, Managing Director and Group Head, AskMe
32% Increase in Qualified Sessions
Using Effective Content Marketing Strategies.

The idea was to promote content marketing for the fashion industry. This was a way to showcase in-house brands of Shoppers Stop as well as introduce the e-Commerce site to a fresh audience with Sokrati. The concept worked really well for us

Shirin Shaikh, Deputy Manager, Omnichannel Marketing

OND 2016 Research Report
52% of Online Purchases Completed
via E-Payment
Indian E-Commerce seems to be shifting towards cashless modes of transaction as a preference, especially since the demonetization decision in November 2016.
OND Report –
Finding the Pulse of India’s E-Commerce Habits
AMJ 2016 Research Report
75% More E-Purchases by Men Than Women in India
Sokrati has the privilege of working closely with 100+ awesome Online Retailers & Marketplaces in India, and this report is Sokrati’s attempt at publishing India’s first ever detailed study on e-Commerce trends & opportunities for Online Retailers.
AMJ Report –
The Exciting E-Commerce Industry in India
JAS 2016 Research Report
50% of Paid Marketing Orders Convert from Shopping Campaigns Alone!
Google Shopping Campaigns drive a staggering 25% of the web’s Ad Impressions today. With 50% Ad Clicks, they result in an unparalleled 50% converting into paid Transactions.
JAS Report –
Google Shopping Trends – The Retailer’s Most Indispensable Channel
Google Shopping Superchargers for Online Retailers
July 2016
By Manikantha S.
Manager – Business Strategy
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11 of Sokrati’s 91 genius Channel Champions, packing a punch!
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